Candace Cameron Bure's Cryptic Post With Full House Costar Has Fans Buzzing

Candace Cameron Bure has been part of the "Full House" family for the majority of her life. When the sitcom initially ended in 1995, the actor famous for playing D.J. Tanner had an arguably surprising reaction. "I was 18, just met my soon-to-be husband and so I was just happy to go to the next stage of my life," she told Hollywood Life in 2020. Over two decades later, Cameron reprised the role on the reboot "Fuller House." When that Netflix series came to an end, Cameron had mixed emotions. "I'm definitely more at ease now than I was when we finished filming. But it was rough at the end," she admitted to Good Housekeeping in 2020.

Even though filming had ended on "Fuller House," Cameron stayed in touch with her on-screen sister, Jodie Sweetin, and on-screen best friend, Andrea Barber. "The three of us video chat. I talk to them every day," Cameron told Good Housekeeping. In addition to those daily video chats, she shared, "And in the big group texts, there are different groups, I talk with John [Stamos], Bob [Saget], and Dave [Coulier] too."

There was a mini "Fuller House" reunion in July 2021 and Cameron posted photos from the get-together on her Instagram. Although that was simply a farewell party of the show's creator, per Screen Rant. Months later, Cameron reunited with another "Fuller House" co-star while dropping a clue that has fans excited. 

Are D.J. and Steve reuniting for new project?

Fans were put in a frenzy after Candace Cameron Bure posted a selfie via Instagram on February 16. In the snap, she posed next to Scott Weinger, who played her boyfriend Steve Hale on "Full House," and the two were cozied up close. "Scott and Candace. Steve and D.J. Either way, my heart is full," Cameron wrote. However, it was the second part of her caption that put people into a tizzy. "We're cooking up something good," Cameron added.

Naturally, this caused fans to speculate that perhaps more episodes of "Fuller House" were on the way, or a spin-off featuring the two actors. "Cooking up another season of Fuller House???" one follower asked. "Maybe a Full/er house reunion movie or miniseries is in the work," another theorized. Regardless if the reunion of Cameron and Weinger meant more "D.J. and Steve" or not, many were happy to see the two back together. "Whatever it is, I'm watching/listening to it!" one fan wrote about the potential project. 

Ever since "Fuller House" wrapped, Cameron had hinted at the potential of more shows featuring the Tanner clan. "While we don't have plans to come back yet ... I wouldn't be surprised if we do, and so I'm not saying goodbye to [D.J.]," she told Hollywood Life in 2020. In fact, the actor put the onus on the viewers and said she expected the network to "do something" if fans showed enough interest in more "Fuller House" episodes. TBD!