Laverne Cox Reveals The Real Reason She Started Lying About Her Age

Laverne Cox has become a dynamic icon, but despite her accomplishments, she is sometimes puzzled by her own fame. Instead of accepting her celebrity status, she keeps focusing on refining her craft. "As an actor, I've been very lucky," Cox told Byrdie. "But I don't think I've had a role that shows the full range and depth of my potential as an artist." As she continues trailblazing a path in Hollywood, she is also on a personal, reflective journey. Cox created her own podcast in 2021 — "The Laverne Cox Show" — to combine years of therapy and experience with intimate conversation. This venture is fitting, as she admits to being a harsh critic of herself. 

During the pandemic lockdown in 2020, she was hoping for a positive opportunity. "Turns out it was the hardest year of my life," she told The Guardian. "I've caught myself saying the most atrocious things to myself, things I would never say if I was out in the world ... Vicious, cruel things." Gaining an awareness of this negative self-talk over the last decade has really changed her overall outlook — something that even affects how she feels about getting older.

Cox posted a series of short videos on her Instagram while on a staycation at a stunning rental for her 49th birthday in May 2021, enjoying the sunset at the pool. Previously, however, birthdays were far more stressful for the actor and she is now opening up about her past and present feelings about age.

Laverne Cox was told she was 'too old' in her late 20s

Laverne Cox is turning 50 on May 29 and said it proudly on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," something new for the "Inventing Anna" star. "I started lying, 'being elusive,' about my age in the year 2000," Cox revealed. What triggered the decision was a boyfriend breaking up with the actor, who was 28 at the time, saying she was "too old." "I was 'over 21' from like 2002 to 2019." She laughed with the audience and shared the anxiety of people discovering her real age, which led her to therapy. "In our heads, we might have shame about something and it's, like, terrible and awful ... and no one really cares."

Cox took to Instagram on her birthday in 2021, opening up about originally feeling the need to prove she's still sexy at 49. For so long, she assumed her career would be over at 40, but that is the age everything began to blossom with "Orange is the New Black." "I've internalized all these ideas about how I'm supposed to look ... it's a thing. I'm an actress and I'm getting older." She sat with no makeup on, candidly chatting, acknowledging how very blessed she is while admitting the reality of being "really insecure sometimes." Fans were hugely supportive, complimenting her looks, but also connecting with her perspective.

Cheers to Cox for owning her age. We cannot wait to see what 50 has to offer for the actor.