The Salad Jennifer Aniston Ate Every Day For A Decade Is Going Viral

Jennifer Aniston's famous "Friends" haircut seems to come up during almost every interview the actor does, but there's one topic that just might top it in terms of how often she gets asked about it: her eating habits.

Luckily for those curious about what's on the menu for "The Morning Show" star, she's willing to talk about what she piles on her plate, and we have learned that it doesn't involve potato chips. In a 2021 interview with InStyle, Aniston spoke about her snacking habits. "I can have one M&M, one chip. I know, that's so annoying," she said. While that kind of willpower might be awe-inspiring, even Aniston has fallen prey to the allure of the fad diet. She told Yahoo! Food that she tried "the Grapefruit Diet" once, but leafy greens seem to be at the top of the list of her favorite healthy foods. In fact, she considered them a treat when she was dieting ahead of her role in the 2013 comedy "We're the Millers," which required her to perform a stripping scene.

"When I really wanted to have a cheat day I had to have a kale chip," Aniston told Access Hollywood, via E! News. You read that right — she savored a single baked kale leaf. Thankfully, Aniston's extremely restrictive diet never caught on, but one of her favorite leafy concoctions from back in the day has captured the attention of salad lovers on social media.

Jennifer Aniston's love of lettuce lives on

In 2010, Jennifer Aniston's "Friends" co-star Courteney Cox made a surprising culinary revelation to the Los Angeles Times: She, Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow ate the same Cobb salad for lunch "every single day for 10 years." The classic dish was created in 1937 by Los Angeles restaurant owner Bob Cobb, according to The Wall Street Journal, and it usually consists of chicken, greens, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocados, and cheese. However, Cox recalled that Aniston's variation was "doctored up with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans and I don't know what."

Aniston shared an updated version of her favorite salad recipe on Living Proof's Instagram page in 2015, per Shape. It had "cooked bulgur for a base, with diced cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, crumbled feta cheese, and chopped pistachios." This version has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok, where user themodernnonna taste-tested the dish. Her verdict? It "needed lemon juice, olive oil, and salt."

After so many years of munching on salad, you would think Aniston would be sick of it, but the woman behind Rachel Green is still all about the greens. In 2016, she told Yahoo! Food that one item she makes sure to keep stocked in her fridge is "a big head of butter lettuce." Her love of veggies even made it into an episode of "Friends" — fans might remember the one where Rachel ordered a side salad "on the side of" her glass of water at an expensive restaurant.