Kandi & The Gang Release Date, Cast, And More Information

What do you get if you mix "Kitchen Nightmares" together with "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"? The answer: NBC's upcoming "Housewives" spinoff, "Kandi & The Gang"! Longtime Atlanta Housewife, Kandi Burruss, has always put a lot onto her own plate. She's a reality star, actor, singer, businesswoman, and now she is adding restauranteur to this impressive list.

This new NBC show is going to follow Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker's restaurant called Old Lady Gang. The couple opened the spot back in 2016 because they were inspired by the cuisine of their families. And the food must be delicious because the Old Lady Gang is the talk of the town in Atlanta. According to the Old Lady Gang website, the restaurant won the OpenTable 2018 Diners' Choice Award and was placed on the Taste of Soul Atlanta 25 Best Soul Food Restaurants List.

Since their food is so great, will the drama the "Kandi & The Gang" show going to serve up be just as good? Well, NBC released a teaser trailer, and it seems that the show will feature heated work parties, juicy drama, and most importantly, good ol' Southern comfort food. What else is in store for "Kandi & The Gang"? We've got details about who else is going to be in the show besides Kandi herself, and when it's officially dropping.

When will Kandi & The Gang hit the air?

With the copious amounts of screaming matches, wild personalities, and relationship drama in the teaser trailer alone, the season premiere of "Kandi & The Gang" is sure to bring some great television moments. So, when is "Kandi & The Gang" going to drop? And on what channel? Well, NBC told The Wrap that the show is going to be released on March 6! And even though NBC has been the one to promote and produce the show, it will be airing on Bravo alongside Season 13 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," which Kandi Burruss will also be appearing on.

In fact, "Kandi & The Gang" has been compared to other Bravo programs. One of these similar shows is "Vanderpump Rules," which stars Lisa Vanderpump and documents the operations of her West Hollywood restaurant, SUR. Is it a coincidence that Kandi's show is premiering directly after the "Vanderpump Rules" season finale, which was back in January?

Well, Kandi responded to the comparison to ET, saying, "I think the similarity is that she has restaurants, I have restaurants, and we're both Housewives. OK, great. I think that's where the similarities stop." Hopefully, the Old Lady Gang can stand out amongst the giants on Bravo and pull in the ratings.

Who's in the Kandi & The Gang cast?

Since "Kandi & The Gang" follows the behind-the-scenes of the Old Lady Gang restaurant, it only makes sense that the restaurant's namesake would be featured in its new show! The "Old Lady Gang" nickname was originally created on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" to describe Kandi Burruss' mother Mama Joyce, her Aunt Nora Wilcox, and her Aunt Bertha Jones, per E! News. The three mommas are all originally from Georgia and are experts in Southern cuisine

Not only will the restaurant's higher-level management be on the show, but so will their lesser-known, lower-level employees! And it turns out that the Old Lady Gang is plagued by workplace relationships. Dreca, who is a host, and Patrick, who is one of the managers and Dreca's boss (!), were once in a self-described "situationship." The cast also includes server Brian, events manager Torin, host Shardo, manager Brandon, and bartender Dom. And all of their strong and unique personalities promise for there to be fireworks throughout the season.

Throughout the teaser trailer, the OG three of the Old Lady Gang are shown shadily judging the messiness of their employees, like classic gossiping aunties. But with the high-stakes and fast-paced restaurant environment, the pressure ends up getting to everyone. And this pressure may force Kandi to do some "restructuring" in the restaurant, per NBC.

What will audiences see play out in Season 1?

Judging from NBC's released teaser, there will certainly be a lot of complicated dynamics between the Old Lady Gang coworkers on "Kandi & The Gang." We already talked about the "situationship" between Dreca and Patrick, but there also seems to be other couples in the workplace! Events manager Torin and server Brian dub themselves "Tug and Pull," and it appears that the show will explore their long-standing romance.

The trailer also depicted Brandon, who is the general manager, getting in trouble with the big bosses for having a budding relationship with the restaurant's bartender, Dom. They were even caught on security camera in the back office! The next scene showed a possible breakup between the two, but it is obvious that Brandon and Dom still have feelings for each other. Will Brandon and Dom follow the rules, or will they continue to pursue their love in secret? Would Brandon get fired from his manager position if the relationship continued?

Kandi Burruss fans and audiences everywhere will get the answers to these questions when "Kandi & The Gang" finally drops in March!