Mariah Carey Shares Hilariously Relatable Message From Her Kid

Mariah Carey is no doubt one of the most doting famous moms out there. The star welcomed twins with her former husband, Nick Cannon — who's gone on to welcome a slew of children since then — in 2011, introducing the world to Moroccan and Monroe, aka Dem Babies.

The kids haven't exactly been hidden from the spotlight since then, particularly when it comes to their mom, who regularly shares adorable family snaps and videos on Instagram. The music legend has treated us to plenty of insights into what her life is like when she's at home, including some of the more shocking antics her offspring have gotten up to over the years.

One of the most infamous reveals came in June 2018 when Carey and Cannon learned the hard way to keep the child locks on everywhere. The "GTFO" singer revealed that Moroccan had gotten hold of his dad's shopping accounts and managed to cause damage to the tune of $5,000 — plus four paws.

The star called her son a "technological genius" and explained on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" that Moroccan, who was 7 years old at the time, had managed to spend the serious sum of money and even purchase a dog without either knowing. "They called [Nick] and they were like, 'Your dog is ready.' He was like, 'I didn't order any damn dog!'" Carey shared, admitting they "canceled" the order.

But that wasn't the only slightly mischievous thing the Cannon twins have gotten up to.

Mariah's mommy moment

Mariah Carey gave parents across the globe a relatable moment on February 21 when she revealed the hilariously timed message she got from her one of her kids.

The star took to Twitter to share a screenshot of a text exchange she had with a person assumed to be her daughter, Monroe, in which the youngster asked her, "Mommy please can I wear nails with glue." Carey then inquired about the kind of glue, to which her daughter specified it would be "nail glue," prompting Carey to snap back with a blunt "No." Of course, it didn't end there, as Monroe hit back with a "Why."

The best part of it all? The youngster knew she was being a little sly as Carey confessed in the caption that her kids waited until the exact moment she started a conference call to ask her.

Fans clearly loved the down to earth moment, though. "This is literally the first time I've ever seen Mariah be just a regular a** person. I love it," one person responded, while another replied, "But Mommy, whyyyyy? Roe Roe just wants them fresh acrylics[.] Mariah's a normal mom like the rest of us."

The moment happened around two months after Carey opened up about her parenting style to Us Weekly, describing herself as a "cool mom"... kind of. "I don't like being the bad guy, I have to say," she said, admitting, "But you're never a cool mom, like, you just never are."