The Weeknd Was Seemingly Just Spotted Kissing A Famous Face In Public

The Weeknd has accrued some high-profile romances, both rumored and confirmed, over the years. Given his past relationships with supermodel Bella Hadid and pop megastar Selena Gomez, the singer explained to GQ in August 2021 that he feels "guilty" whenever he brings his scrutiny-laden world into the lives of non-famous women. "That's why I don't ... I try not to do too much. I just try not to bring attention to myself," the "Blinding Lights" singer (born Abel Tesfaye) said. 

The Weeknd sure stirred paparazzi and tabloids into a frenzy ever since Page Six reported him out to dinner with Angelina Jolie in July 2021. A source insisted at the time that the dinner was just a business meeting, but that didn't dissuade the rumor mill. With the duo spotted dining at a Los Angeles restaurant again last September (per the Daily Mail), the singer only fueled the gossip in early January with the release of his new song, "Here We Go... Again." One particular line seemed to allude to the "Eternals" star for many, in which The Weeknd sings, "My new girl, she a movie star / I loved her right, make her scream like Neve Campbell," per Genius

Before we all had a moment to fully digest this potential Jolie Easter egg, however, the singer was spotted publicly lip-locked in February with another famous face. 

The Weeknd and Simi Khadra were spotted together

It was The Weeknd's birthday party... and he'll kiss whomever he wants to. On the night of February 19, that certain someone was Simi Khadra, half of the DJ duo Simi Haze, for the singer. The Weeknd and Khadra, both sporting sunglasses indoors, were captured in a make out sesh by TMZ at the singer's 32nd birthday celebration at Las Vegas nightclub Delilah. Amidst a crowd of guests that included Drake and Swedish House Mafia, the two's passionate lip-lock seems to confirm rumors that they had struck up a romantic relationship. 

Reports of The Weeknd and Khadra getting serious first surfaced in April 2021 per the Daily Mail, which was around the time The Weeknd's ex and Khadra's apparent friend (at least at some point in time), Bella Hadid, unfollowed them both on social media. The dating rumors resurfaced earlier in February after the pair were seen on several dinner dates in Los Angeles together, per E! News. Although a source told E! at the time that The Weeknd and Khadra were "not dating" and have "been friends for years," the more-than-chummy TMZ video suggests otherwise.