Jen Psaki Confirms Huge White House Secret To Rob Lowe

Jen Psaki has become a public figure and celebrity of sorts, thanks to her newfound fame as President Joe Biden's new press secretary. However, this is not Psaki's first job at the White House. Before joining Biden's staff, she served as a spokesperson for Democratic Politicians, as detailed by Open Secrets, and worked as a former deputy communications director to former president Barack Obama, per The New York Times.

And while there's no doubt that Psaki has gotten used to all of the attention that she's been getting, not all of it has been great. "When I first started this job, I had convinced myself that reading criticism — including the positive critiques — was good because I could have a better understanding of how people were digesting things I said," she told The Cut. "Over time, I realized how unhealthy that is."

That said, Psaki recently opened up to Rob Lowe on his podcast about a few behind-the-scenes secrets that a lot of people didn't know about, including how the White House stage recently underwent a much-needed glow up.

Why the White House stage got a much-needed makeover

While on Rob Lowe's "Literally!" podcast, Jen Psaki admitted that the South Court Auditorium got a makeover, just so things looked more visually enticing while President Joe Biden was holed up during the earlier months of his presidency and the ongoing global pandemic brought on by COVID-19.

According to Daily Mail, she said, "Because of COVID and because the president wasn't going to travel as much and not as many people were going to come here, he does a lot of events and actually meetings from there," adding, "So they built it out more to make it look a little bit better visually and to ensure he could engage and see them in different boxes."

What's more, Psaki also suggested she had to stop herself from rolling her eyes in front of the cameras whenever she gets questions from reporters, such as James Rosen of Newsmax, asking if Biden is "mentally fit." She said, "I'm a pretty chill person, I think people who work with me would say. But I think when some of the questions started to be off in cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs land there, I was thinking where are we going here with this?'" It sounds like Psaki's role is to make sure that the White House's message reaches every American that eats a bowl of Fruit Loops or not.