Jenna Jameson Is Still Looking For Answers During Mysterious Health Scare

It has been nearly two months since Jenna Jameson fell ill with a mysterious condition, yet it continues to confound her doctors. In early January, the former adult star began to feel weakness in her legs, a sensation that quickly deteriorated to the point of preventing her from walking, her partner Lior Bitton said in a now-deleted January 12 Instagram video (via CNN). "She was falling on the way back or to the bathroom, I would have to pick her up and carry her to bed," Bitton said in a prior video (via People). A few weeks earlier, Jameson had gone to the hospital after experiencing intense vomiting. Tests came back clean and she was sent home. With the thinning in her legs, Jameson was readmitted to the hospital, in what proved to be the beginning of a long search for answers. 

After undergoing an MRI and a spinal tap, Jameson was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, an autoimmune condition that affects the nervous system, People reported on January 10. But when Jameson failed to respond to repeated intravenous immunoglobulin treatment, also known as IVIG, for about a week, doctors ruled out Guillain-Barré, ET reported on January 18. "It was confirmed by the doctor after a second test and five rounds of IVGH," Bitton said in an Instagram video (via ET).

Jameson has since returned home, still afflicted by her unrelenting symptoms. She hasn't given up hope, and recent testing suggested another possible cause for her mystery health scare. 

Something might be wrong with Jenna Jameson's femoral nerve

Jenna Jameson is no longer bedridden in a hospital in Hawaii, but she is still unable to walk and requires a wheelchair to move about, she told her fans via Instagram Stories on February 22. She also still has to go frequently to the hospital to undergo testing, one of which recently suggested the root of her ailment might be in her femoral nerve. According to Physiopedia, the femoral is one of the largest nerves in the legs and is responsible for controlling the muscles in the hips and knees, which could explain why she has no strength in her lower body. Before doctors settle on a new diagnosis, they want to run more tests, she said.

In the series of clips, Jameson flipped the camera to show her legs. While she can move them from the knees down, her thinned down quad muscles are unable to support her body weight, she explained. "My legs are incredibly skinny. But don't get too alarmed, because my legs have always been ultra skinny," she laughed. "So don't judge me. We will be back to the best soon!"

When she was discharged from the hospital on February 16, Jameson used the opportunity to praise the medical staff. "My nurses here at the hospital are such fantastic people," she wrote on an Instagram Story (via Newsweek). "I'm leaving a piece of my heart behind with them now that I'm on my way home."