No One Saw The Latest Twist Coming In The Sam Hunt Relationship Drama

One of country music's most popular stars, Sam Hunt's loving and wholesome image was tainted after his wife Hannah Lee Fowler filed for divorce on February 18. Hunt and Fowler dated on and off for a decade before they got engaged in January 2017 and married later that April, according to People.

In her divorce filing, Fowler, who is a nurse, claimed that Hunt cheated on her while was pregnant with their first child, due in May. As reported by TMZ, Fowler filed for divorce in Tennessee, accusing the country singer of being "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct" and "guilty of adultery," adding that he imposed upon her "cruel and inhuman treatment" towards her. People adds that the documents stated that "[Fowler believes] that all hopes of reconciliation are exhausted." 

However, in a twist that no one saw coming, Fowler has seemingly reconciled with Hunt and withdrawn her divorce petition in record time.

Sam Hunt and his wife are not divorcing yet

Sam Hunt's wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, apparently had a change of heart and is putting their divorce on hold for now. In new court documents obtained by Us Weekly, Fowler withdrew her complaint for divorce — also known as Notice of Voluntary Nonsuit — two and a half hours after filing it. In the state of Tennessee, a nonsuit means that Fowler has dismissed her filing and is no longer seeking a divorce from Hunt. However, if Fowler changes her mind in the near future, she can file to divorce Hunt again — with the caveat that she cannot withdraw the filing for a second time.

It remains unclear why Fowler withdrew her divorce petition, but the filing comes after some troubling times for Hunt, who pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence in August 2021 relating to his November 2019 arrest, per Rolling Stone. At the time of his arrest, Hunt was caught driving the wrong way on the street and had an alcohol reading that was twice the legal limit, according to the Tennessean. After the sentencing, Hunt was ordered to pay fines and had his license suspended for one year.