Zendaya Had The Best Response To Her Embarrassing Moment Caught On Video

Zendaya is one of Hollywood's biggest it-girls at the moment. As she continues her rise to superstardom in her recent roles in "Spiderman: No Way Home" and HBO's "Euphoria," all eyes are on Zendaya. Fans are particularly interested in the former Disney actor's real-life romance with her on-screen boyfriend in "Spiderman," Tom Holland. While the two young stars are adored on their own, together they have totally captured the hearts of fans everywhere. Zendaya and Holland recently set the internet ablaze by sporting matching jerseys to a hockey game date, complete with their respective names on the back of their gear, per Harper's Bazaar.

Even without her man by her side, Zendaya's shine as an actor, singer, dancer, and up-and-coming fashion icon can't be dulled. As Issa Rae hilariously asked Zendaya in an interview on "A Sip w/ Issa Rae," "When you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror, how much you have to fight the urge to say, 'Wow, these other b***hes aren't even close.'"

Although Zendaya is in a league of her own, that doesn't mean she isn't just like the rest of us, like when she has an embarrassing moment from time to time. Zendaya just gave the best response to a cringe-worthy moment of hers caught on camera, proving she truly is a relatable queen.

Zendaya laughs off her stumble

Zendaya totally owned an embarrassing moment she had in Rome when the star wiped out on her way to a fancy lunch, Page Six reported. Paps got the embarrassing ordeal on camera and rather than shy away from the moment, Zendaya shared the clip to her Instagram Story roasting herself, the outlet noted. "I can't stop laughing ... did they really have to take a video of me tripping," the captioned the post using crying-laughing emojis. In a follow-up slide, Zendaya proved she was actually brought to tears over laughing so hard at herself in a selfie video, saying, "They got me."

Zendaya admitted to Hollywood Life back in 2014 that not much fazes her in the spotlight. "I really don't get embarrassed very easily," the young star dished. "I'm one of those people to really laugh it off because I don't take things too seriously." She added that if she did have to pick her most embarrassing moment, it would be the time she fell onstage during a performance — which she was seen in a video playing off like a pro during her set. It sounds like despite being a talented dancer, Zendaya has her share of clumsy moments.