Ivanka Trump Just Broke Rank With Her Family In A Major Way

Ivanka Trump is used to being in the centerfold of conversation after working as a political adviser for her father, former President Donald Trump, during his time in the Oval Office. Since her father's reign ended in 2021, Ivanka has tried to keep a low profile while attempting to step back from politics. She and her husband Jared Kushner, who served as her father's senior strategist, relocated their family from Washington D.C. to Miami, and are looking to dive into the real estate market, reports The Wall Street Journal

But not long after the model-turned-political adviser moved away from the craziness of Washington, she's found herself back in the political spotlight. It comes as Ivanka's spokesperson confirmed that she's "voluntarily" in talks with the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 Capitol attack, per The New York Times – a move that is bound to generate controversy in her family.

Will Ivanka turn on her father?

Opponents of former U.S. President Donald Trump reacted on Twitter following the news of his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, choosing to speak to the House committee. Occupy Democrats called it a "BIG loss" for her father. ABC News reports Ivanka was with her father inside the West Wing while hundreds were being assaulted. Because of her closeness to the former president, the committee views her as an important witness to what he was doing and saying during the riot, per The New York Times.

Ivanka reportedly tried to talk her father into calling off the violent supporters in Washington D.C. and in surprising news, "is in discussions with the committee to voluntarily appear for an interview," per a spokesperson for the former model. Although it sounds like she would be speaking to a panel about the events that unfolded that day, people familiar with the Trumps noted that Ivanka would most likely not say or do anything without running it by her father. 

Last month, the committee publicly released a letter addressed to Ivanka seeking her "voluntary cooperation with our investigation." Defying the odds of those in Trump's inner circle who've steered clear of volunteering to testify, Ivanka has turned heads by accepting.