Todrick Hall Doesn't Seem To Be Taking His Celebrity Big Brother Loss Well

The highly anticipated Season 3 finale of Celebrity Big Brother aired on February 23rd, and the Internet is abuzz with how the competition has shown a completely different side to singer and dancer Todrick Hall.

This was certainly a dramatic season, with MMA fighter Miesha Tate and Todrick teaming up and doing anything to dominate the game. Todrick actually made it to the finale without ever being nominated for eviction, which is an impressive feat in the Big Brother house. But, in order to never be nominated, Todrick had to play what could be considered to be a dirty game, by lying and manipulating people into going after each other and slowly taking out everyone besides himself and Miesha. Some would say that it's all just a TV show, and sometimes you have to play dirty to win. However, this was certainly not the opinion of the "Big Brother" jury, who had to vote between Miesha and Todrick in the final two. Fellow contestant and jury member Carson Kressley even said that he had been "dupped" by Todrick throughout the competition.

In the end, Todrick only received one vote, while Miesha got the rest of the eight members of the jury on her side and won $250,000. Even though Todrick got a consolation prize of $50,000, it does not seem like he has been able to celebrate his second-place finish.

Todrick Hall scraps post-Celebrity Big Brother interviews

In "Celebrity Big Brother," the contestants are locked inside of the Big Brother house with no contact with the outside world. This means Todrick Hall has spent the last month without being able to gauge any audience reactions to his gameplay. Now that the show is over and he has been released from his confines, Todrick actually canceled his "Big Brother" press interviews that were set to take place after his return to the real world, per Page Six.

It seems that this may have been partly due to his fellow contestants' remarks towards him during the "Celebrity Big Brother" finale, where he was called out for his dishonest gameplay. Carson Kressley, who had worked with Todrick on "RuPaul's Drag Race," told Entertainment Weekly that Todrick was certainly "shaken" by what the jury had to say about him. While Todrick canceled his appearances, the rest of the cast have been doing their press interviews and have been unveiling their true feelings towards Todrick.

Co-star Lamar Odom addressed the backlash Todrick is getting to Us Weekly. "I know how much social media and his fans and the people mean to him," Lamar commented. "And I don't really think he wished to rub anyone the wrong way, he just kinda took the wrong approach." Todrick has not yet addressed the backlash himself, but will he apologize to his fellow competitors, or will he stick by his gameplay?