Fans Are Absolutely Swooning Over Tom Holland's Gesture For Zendaya

We hope that Tom Holland and Zendaya appreciate just how much joy their continual adorableness and love for each other brings to the rest of us, because pretty soon here we're going to drop dead of awws. The latest thing currently causing our hearts to melt into ooey-gooey little puddles is, of course, a grand gesture Holland *appears* to have made for his girlfriend. 

At the moment, Zendaya is in Rome, Italy, where she is charming fans by laughing at herself taking an unfortunate fall in front of paparazzi on her Instagram, per Hollywood Life. Meanwhile, Holland has been busy promoting his new movie "Uncharted" in New York City, according to Esquire. The downside of being a rich and famous actor is that all the travel means a lot of time away from your loved ones, after all. 

That is, unless you're dating Zendaya, in which case all bets are off and you have to pull out all the stops to make sure she's happy. 

Tom Holland surprised Zendaya with a Roman date night

That's right. In between his busy schedule of interviews and photoshoots, Tom Holland apparently made time to fly to Rome to surprise Zendaya with a little date night at the fancy restaurant, Antica Pesa. We know this because the Antica Pesa's owner, Francesco Panella, posted a photo of himself with the two lovebirds to his Instagram. In the caption, Panella wrote, "Thank you Tom Holland for coming back again to Antica Pesa for your surprise night with Zendaya and friends."

Fans, predictably, are gushing over the sweet gesture. And some have even gotten a little conspiratorial. As BuzzFeed noted, some commentators noticed that the caption had been edited. In the original caption, Panella called it a "date night." We're not sure if it makes that big of a difference, seeing as we all know that Holland and Zendaya are dating. And let's be real, it's not like he'd fly out all that way just for "friends."