The Famous Prep School Prince William And Kate Are Reportedly Considering For Prince George

There can be little doubt that Prince William and Kate Middleton put their children first. In fact, the royal couple make parenting look so effortless. And even though Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are constantly in the spotlight, they seem to have adapted to being in the public eye. Judi James, a body language expert, told Express that, even though she's "clad in heels" and the kids are in "stylish outfits that are not child-friendly," Kate is still "intent on being a very face-to-face mum." She noted how Kate bent "to the height of her children when talking to them and even part-kneeling in a bid to give them her full attention and to tune into their feelings and emotions."

The Duke of Cambridge also values his children's opinions. While appearing on "That Peter Crouch Podcast," the host asked Will if George would also become an Aston Villa fan like his dad. The prince stated, "I'm trying not to persuade him to be a Villa fan — I'm letting him choose his own way. It's about finding what fits for him." William also shared why Prince George's choice of a football club mattered to him. "I want our children, when they go to the match, to come away loving what they've seen, enjoying it and seeing their role models behave in a way that we'd all want them to," he said. No wonder these hands-on parents are apparently on the hunt for the best school for their eldest child.

Prince William and Kate Middleton want to find the 'right' school

Prince George is growing up and enjoying his hobbies. For instance, Prince William revealed that George enjoys gaming. Royal expert George Ship tweeted that William mentioned that they had to "monitor" and "regulate" his son's screen time. As he's getting older, George's needs are changing and his parents are adapting and restructuring accordingly. Per the Daily Mail, a source revealed, "They always put their children front and center of everything they do, so finding the right school has been a priority." George began his early education career at Thomas's Battersea and both he and Princess Charlotte are currently attending the private school, per Town & Country

The outlet reports that, in September, Prince George could switch to a prestigious institution called Lambrook, located in Ascot, Berkshire. George might even stay on campus because weekly or "flexi" boarding could be an option for him. Apparently, both Will and Kate been seen on Lambrook's campus "multiple times," making it seem as if the school may be a front-runner for George's future education. Another reason that Lambrook may be an ideal choice is that Will and Kate could send all their kids to the same school because it is co-educational. After all, the insider pointed out, "It's about what works for them as a family." And that's exactly what seems to have grounded George, Charlotte, and Louis. They may be living in the spotlight as royals, but Kate and William always put them first.