Expert Says Biden's Trademark Whisper Goes Deeper Than You Might Think - Exclusive

Those who are familiar with President Joe Biden's speeches know that he often changes the volume of his voice, sometimes speaking with an intense volume, while other times reverting to a low murmur or even a whisper to get his points across. And the president's State of the Union address was no different. Although Biden started out strongly, speaking about the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine, about halfway through, he slipped into that lower-volume voice for a moment or two.

Much has been made about Biden's speaking cadence and sound levels, with some, like conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel, calling his whispering "creepy" when he notably spoke softly during a White House press conference, reported Newsweek. Others have wondered if perhaps his different volume levels are just the result of a very experienced politician, who would speak in more of a whisper to emphasize his point and draw people in to what he was saying. Others drew comparison of Biden's speaking voice to that of his predecessor, who would spend most of his speeches shouting or declaring things loudly, per the Associated Press. However, according to Jess Ponce III, the president of Media 2x3 and a coach, consultant, and author, Biden's whispers may be indicative of something else altogether.

Biden's whispering could have deeper implications

Expert Jess Ponce III, the president of Media 2x3 and a coach, consultant, and author, spoke exclusively to Nicki Swift about President Joe Biden's habit of sometimes dropping the volume of his voice when he makes speeches, including at the State of the Union address. Ponce III told Nicki that the whispering is probably a result of Biden's speech impediment, a fact that the president has been open about and has dealt with his entire life. "Those of us with speech issues (myself included) tend to speak at a slower pace," Ponce III said. "Too much momentum and we stumble ... President Biden was very cautious not to speak too quickly and paused when it seemed he was going to stumble."

Ponce III also disagreed with the assessment that Biden was speaking in a whisper, instead stating that he "believe[d] it is more of a whistle — and a result of his speech/stuttering issue." He shared, "Some with speech impediments try to control the velocity of their words and phrases." The expert also pointed out Biden's "eye 'squint'" as a sign that he was "concentrating" and using a "deliberate cadence [that] clearly indicates that he is very focused." Ponce III also said he wasn't sure if his concentration was "due to lighting, reading teleprompter, or a medical issue," but did suggest that whenever Biden slipped into that softer tone, he was slowing the speed of his speech to help avoid a potential stutter.