Joy Behar Literally Misses A Step On The View

"The View" has seen plenty of controversial moments over the years that would surely make you cringe. At the same time, the opinionated hosts often focus on timely issues and hold engaging discussions about trending topics. Frankly, in early February, Joy Behar — who has faced backlash herself — wondered aloud on the show whether they should switch up their discussions. She noted that they had been "talking about childbirth, whether or not we should have children, then we did sex addiction, and this topic is about adultery," and wanted to better understand how viewers felt.

"I would like to ask the audience, who periodically weigh in on all of this stuff on our website — every minute of every day — to see what they think about that," Behar said while referring to more serious events happening in the world, yet admitting that they were rather intense. She then directly asked, "Do you want us to talk about this type of thing? Or do you want us to keep talking about the news? I would like to know the answer."

While Behar is seemingly willing to address serious topics and delve into darker issues, things on the show took a potentially scary and seriously silly turn instead on March 3 when she literally missed a step and ended up on the floor!

Joy Behar fully fell to the floor

Joy Behar was probably ready to welcome audience members to "The View" and lead the other hosts in some intriguing conversations while filming on March 3. Unfortunately for the star, before that could happen, she took a rough tumble! While attempting to simply get onto her seat, Behar appeared to miss a step and fell to the floor, which could be seen in a clip that was shared on Twitter.

As others quickly tried to help her up, Behar appeared to be fine and laughed off the accident. After the incident, co-host Whoopi Goldberg noted, "These chairs move. You touch it, and you're on the ground." Although Sunny Hostin admitted that "it's happened to all of [them] at one time or another," Behar added, "Twenty-five years, that has never happened to me. Who do I sue?!"

As for the audience at home, some were simply shocked — tweeting statements like, "OMG. Joy just fell off her chair!" and "OMG JOY FELL!!!" — while others showed that they were relieved with messages like, "Thank god joy is ok." Beyond that, there were social media users who were glad that Behar had been given a helping hand, with one person writing, "The ladies at #TheView were there for Joy! Glad you're alright Joy!"