The Real Reason Joy Behar Is Facing A Huge Backlash

Joy Behar has given her fair share of apologies while being a co-host on "The View" for over 23 years, per Decider. "Well, I've gotten in trouble a few times on the show," Behar admitted in September, per People. "I've had to apologize, which I'm happy to do in order to save mine and everybody else's job. I don't care," she continued. "Even if I don't mean it, I'll do it, even if I look like I'm in a hostage takeover, I'll still do it, because if you don't do it, you lose your job and everybody else's."

But even though she's given out numerous apologies over the years, Behar claims that her jokes are made in jest, not intended to harm anyone. "My comedy has never been vicious or mean because my intent is just to make you laugh. That's all. I don't have any other motive," Behar said, per People. "And so if the intention is in the right, and your heart is in the right place, I think that you can never really go wrong. I've offended people for sure, but whatever."

Now Behar is feeling the heat rise against her again, after making some eyebrow-raising comments about how people should navigate awkward conversations with their relatives this Thanksgiving.

Joy Behar wants people to 'come out' during Thanksgiving

Joy Behar was having a discussion with her fellow hosts on "The View” about awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations when she suddenly blurted out, "I would like to suggest that everybody out there, come out to your family this Thanksgiving." Behar's co-workers stared at her in confusion while she continued to say, "Just come out! See what happens!" Whoopi Goldberg, a fellow "The View" co-host, jokingly breaks the silent confusion by asking, "Come out ... the door?" But Behar decided to clear up her statement.

"Come out gay. If you're gay, come out. Meaning be your authentic self ... I'm old enough now, I know that life is short, because it went by like that," Behar said, snapping. "I say that you should be yourself, this is my philosophy in life." Her declaration received mixed reviews on social media. Some are not happy with Behar's jovial way of discussing such a sensitive topic. One Twitter user said, "@JoyVBehar coming out is not something to tell people to do while smiling. That is a very personal and emotional thing to do. It's very glib and reckless of you to say, 'you should just come out on thanksgiving.'"

While another Twitter user found Behar's statements to be hilarious. "'Everyone come out to your family this thanksgiving.' LOL @JoyVBehar never fails to crack me up. it was like she went, 'even if you aren't gay, just come out. it'll be a fun thanksgiving dinner topic.' #TheView," they said. Well, either way, Thanksgiving probably will be very interesting over at Behar's house.