Gene Simmons Lashes Out At Kanye West Over His Recent Behavior

Following the divorce between Kanye "Ye" West and Kim Kardashian West, the two went very different ways with their breakup responses. Kim linked up with Pete Davidson of "Saturday Night Live" fame. Ye then paired with Julia Fox, an actor in the film "Uncut Gems" starring Adam Sandler. The Fox and Ye relationship was short-lived and it was unclear about how official they were. "It definitely felt like I was his girlfriend," she told The New York Times. More than anything, Fox admitted, "Having been around Kanye was like a crash course on how to be famous."

Around the same time the two split up, Ye began posting messages on Instagram about his thoughts on Kim and Davidson together. After continuing to bash the standup comic, who he kept referring to as Skete, Kim appeared to finally intervene when she felt Ye's fans would physically harm Davidson. West posted a statement that said (via Page Six), "Upon my wife's request please nobody do anything physical to Skete Im going to handle the situation myself." Ye's plans to win Kim back failed, even after sending her roses. Davidson deleted his account on the social media platform, so Ye declared himself victorious. "Ran Skete off the gram," he said in a since-deleted post, per Page Six. As for Kim, she went back to her original name "Kim Kardashian" after courts ruled she was officially single.

A fellow musician, Gene Simmons, had something to say about the entire scenario.

Kanye West was even too extreme for this rock-and-roll star

Gene Simmons is best known as the bass player and vocalist in the rock band Kiss. The band was popular in the '80s with hit singles like "Rock And Roll All Nite" and for their signature black-and-white face paint and elaborate costumes while performing. When asked by a TMZ reporter what Simmons thought about Kanye "Ye" West, he felt that Ye deserved a "b***h slap." He added that instead of his antics, Ye should "get a hobby. That's better. Love the mother of your kids and let her make her own decisions." Simmons also commented that the rapper's actions, including spending time with the Kim Kardashian lookalike Chaney Jones, were beyond childish.

This came a day after Ye appeared in a music video called "Eazy." In the claymation clip, his character seems to kidnap Pete Davidson and bury him in the ground. At the end of the video, the text says, "Everyone lived happily ever after. Except (Skete) You Know Who," with Skete crossed out. The final text reads, "JK he's fine."

Simmons himself has made the news for questionable behavior. Like the time Fox News banned him for life. Not for his political views, but rather for his off camera antics. While in the studio promoting his book "On Power" in 2017, he allegedly went into a random staff meeting, pulled up his shirt, told inappropriate jokes, and reportedly hit two staffers, per Daily Beast.