Is Sandra Oh In A Relationship?

You probably recognize Sandra Oh from her "Grey's Anatomy" character Cristina Yang. She played the fan-favorite Dr. Yang for ten seasons of the long-running medical drama. She's also known for playing the title character Eve Polastri in "Killing Eve," the successful follow-up role that has earned Oh three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series, via the Emmys. Most recently, she starred in "Umma," which NBC News reports is the first Hollywood studio horror film that is both directed and written by a Korean-American woman, Iris K. Shim, and starring a Korean-American, female actor, Oh.

Although she is a famous public figure with considerable professional success, Oh has managed to do a good job of keeping her personal life private, including her relationship status. She hasn't publicly commented on her relationships, but according to her Biography page, Oh married director Alexander Payne in 2003. She was then cast in his movie, "Sideways," which went on to win the 2005 Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, per IMDb. The two eventually separated, and in 2007 People revealed that the divorce had been finalized. Since this union ended, Oh has been linked to other partners, and most recently has been spotted with a steady sweetheart. 

She's dating photographer Lev Rukhin

"Killing Eve" star Sandra Oh's love life seems to be in a steady place following her 2007 divorce. After Oh and her then-husband Alexander Payne parted ways she was linked to musician Andrew Featherstone, who plays with The Hereafter. Reports of the new pair emerged that same year, as reported by Closer Weekly.

This changed at the end of 2018 when Oh was rumored to be dating photographer Lev Rukhin. In December 2018 The Daily Mail published photos of the two hanging out in Rome, where she was filming the second season of her show, "Killing Eve." In addition, the news outlet showed photos of the couple together in July 2021. In this story, The Daily Mail stated that Oh and Rukhin, who have been together for over four years, were meeting after the actor had just wrapped up filming the last "Killing Eve" episode. The article also included that they "looked smitten" as they reunited. Although this information has been documented about Oh's relationship, the very private actor will likely continue to keep her personal life under wraps. Oh's managed to keep her relationship status out of the headlines for a long time.

Sandra Oh keeps her love life private

It appears to have been confirmed that Sandra Oh is still together with her boyfriend, photographer Lev Rukhin, per photos shown in The Daily Mail and Just Jared, but there isn't a high likelihood that more information about that the "Killing Eve" star's romantic life will be released any time soon. In a 2019 interview with Marie Claire, the magazine wrote that Oh was "in what appears to be a loving, committed relationship," before adding in parenthesis, "Oh is fiercely private, and her publicist would confirm only that she's had a boyfriend for a few years."

One reason Oh may be so reluctant to offer personal information is due to the intense rise to fame she experienced after the success of "Grey's Anatomy." In a 2021 interview on "Sunday Today with Willie Geist," Oh said of this time in her life, "To be perfectly honest, it was traumatic ... I went from not being able to go out, like, hiding in restaurants, to then being able to manage attention, manage expectation, while not losing sense of self." Oh also added that it's important to her to stay grounded, which she finds is often achieved "by saying no." It's refreshing that, even as she has experienced global fame, Oh has been able to stand her ground and keep her personal matters as private as she wants them to be.