Who Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Perform At His Wedding Might Surprise You

In all fairness, almost everything Machine Gun Kelly does is surprising — to the point that it's hard to be shocked at anything he says anymore. Still, considering the pop-punk genre of music he makes, plus his whole Carefully Calibrated To Freak Out Moms aesthetic, you'd think he'd want a band equally off-kilter to play at his upcoming nuptials to actor Megan Fox. The twist is that his ideal wedding band is really a relatively conventional choice. 

Fox and Machine Gun got engaged in January 2022, which they each announced separately on their respective Instagram pages — Fox's caption included the detail that they drank each other's blood to seal the agreement. So far, when the couple has talked about their upcoming wedding plans, the vibe they seem to be going for is just as metal as the engagement. For example, MKG told James Corden on "The Late Late Show" that they wanted "gothic" features that included a "red river," according to Elle. 

We'd assume this means they're busy looking into goth metal bands to serenade them down the aisle as well, right? Wrong!

Machine Gun Kelly wants BTS to play his wedding

During a rousing round of "Burning Questions" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the talk-show host asked Machine Gun Kelly to pick a boy band he'd like to perform at the wedding — and it looks like the answer is a toss up between *NSYNC and BTS. 

"Which boy band am I gonna know the most songs of? For sure *NSYNC," he said. "Which band do I surprisingly know like all these facts about? BTS." Ellen DeGeneres, for what it's worth, didn't seem surprised, commenting, "I knew you were going to say that. So they'll perform at your wedding?" And MGK seemed pretty confident. "I remember I met them at the Billboard Awards, and they were stoked to meet me. I think I have a better chance at getting BTS," he said. 

Considering the fact that BTS is the biggest musical act in the world right now, per Rolling Stone, we have to say we're a little dubious that they'll have room in their schedules. But who knows, maybe Machine Gun and Megan Fox really do have that much pull.