A Famous Rapper Hasn't Given Up On Trying To Date Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is legally single, but she's not available to mingle -– at least not for now. E! News reported in March that though her divorce from Kanye West continues to drag on as of this writing, Kardashian's attorneys filed a bifurcation request in order to restore their client's marital status back to single. (A judge approved the application on March 2.) In a digital court hearing, Kardashian claimed West had been causing her anguish by airing their dirty dissolution laundry -– and making false and bizarre accusations –- via his Instagram account.

"Kanye has been putting a lot of misinformation regarding our private matters and co-parenting on social media, which has created emotional distress," Kardashian stated in the legal documents, per TMZ. However, despite her freshly granted solo status, the mom-of-four isn't back on the dating market. Instead, Kardashian has been getting hot and heavy with "Saturday Night Live" fixture Pete Davidson.

The unlikely couple sent the rumor dating mill into overdrive after they locked lips on screen in October 2021 (albeit while acting in an "SNL" sketch). They seemingly haven't looked back since. People magazine reported in February that Kardashian's family and friends gave the budding romance two thumbs up. "Everyone around her is just happy she's happy," a source shared at the time. However, watch out, Davidson: Ye might be history, but there's another rhymester that's been circling the ranks –- and this famous rapper isn't giving up on trying to date Kardashian.

Kodak Black has been pursuing Kim Kardashian for years

According to a March report by Page Six, rapper Kodak Black has a severe case of the hots for Kim Kardashian. The self-proclaimed "real gangsta" has been reportedly attempting to win Kardashian over for several years now. Black first went public with his feelings via a profanity-laced video he posted on social media in 2018 -– because nothing says wooing like multiple f-bombs. "Listen, Kim ... [Kanye] on some stupid s***, man f*** with me," the hip-hop artist announced in the vid. Seemingly thirsty for any kind of action, Black additionally offered his services to Kardashian's younger siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner, per BET. He also, by all appearances, gave the same invitation to Cardi B's little sister, reality star Hennessy Carolina, as the outlet noted.

Three years later, Black has still not quit his pursuit. In March, the rapper posted a photo on his Insta which depicted Black being wrapped in yellow caution tape — an apparent homage to photos of Kardashian had previously done while preparing for an appearance at Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 2022 Paris Fashion Week show. Per BuzzFeed, the outfit in the making resulted in a fully swaddled Kardashian sporting yellow tape emblazoned with the word "Balenciaga."