Kim Kardashian Is Officially A Single Woman

It would appear that Kanye "Ye" West's efforts to win back his ex-wife Kim Kardashian via all-caps social media posts have officially failed. According to TMZ, a judge formally granted Kim her divorce on March 2, more than a year after she first filed and shortly after Ye fired his fourth divorce attorney, Chris Melcher, and hired Samantha Spector instead, per Billboard

As we've all, unfortunately, seen play out online, the split was a contentious one. Ye's recent rash of posted-and-deleted Instagrams — in which he declared his intention to win Kim back, wrote threatening-sounding captions about Kim's boyfriend Pete Davidson, complained about Kim's parenting, and uploaded screenshots of their private texts — caused particular concern among fans of both stars. Meanwhile, Kim had urged Ye to keep their divorce private.

At the moment, both Kim and Ye's Instagram grids are all business, advertising their respective clothing lines and Ye's new music projects. But the details of the filing, as reported by TMZ, seem to indicate that the pair may not yet be on perfect terms.

Kim Kardashian won her divorce

Kim Kardashian now gets to drop the "West" from her legal name, TMZ reported, as Kanye "Ye" West finally agreed to the terms of the divorce via his lawyer in the court hearing on March 2. Though it still doesn't sound like the rapper got everything he wanted. The judge agreed to the first of Ye's lawyer's three conditions — the right to be reimbursed if one of them dies — but put the kibosh on the other two, which would have essentially frozen the assets in Kim's trust and forced her to waive spousal privilege if she were ever to get remarried. 

These requests appear to be the last of Ye's legal resistance, according to TMZ. Earlier, Ye and his lawyers had tried a variety of what Kim's team called "stalling tactics," which included trying to get the prenup nullified and denying that Ye had written the Instagram posts himself. However according to Ye's fourth divorce attorney, Samantha Spector, in a statement to Us Weekly, his objections to the divorce were "only procedural," and just wanted his rights protected, same as anyone else.