The Euphoria Star Who Crashed Paris Hilton's Wedding

They do say that life imitates art, and crashing the wedding of Paris Hilton of all people is undoubtedly a very "Euphoria" thing to do. So, are we surprised that one of the stars of HBO's racy teen soap opera did just that? Of course, we are! Who just decides to go and crash Paris Freaking Hilton's wedding?! Lukas Gage, that's who. 

As bananas as it is that Gage managed to sneak into Paris' extremely exclusive and highly secured event — which it is — Paris' unbothered attitude about the whole thing is perhaps even more bonkers. The reality star found out about the wedding security breech while on "Watch What Happens Live" along with her mother, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kathy Hilton. While Kathy was definitely peeved, Paris didn't seem that upset at all, actually. 

So what does Gage have to say for himself? Luckily for him (and all of us watching at home), he got a chance to explain himself to Paris personally on her podcast.

Lukas Gage would do it again

Speaking to Paris Hilton directly about his decision to crash her wedding, "Euphoria" star Lukas Gage is (mostly) sorry. "I'm the worst for doing that," he said on her "This Is Paris" podcast. Not that he regrets the actual crashing, just the method of crashing. "I just wish I was prepared because at least if I would have known, I would have come in a nice suit and a gift," he continued. "I would have still crashed it, but I would have done it much more cutely." Gage explained that he snuck in as a friend of an actual invitee, but that being such a fan of Paris', he couldn't resist the opportunity.

And it seems like the feeling is mutual. Paris said that as a fan of "White Lotus," which Gage also starred in, her first reaction to finding out that he'd snuck into her big event was basically: That's so cool! "So, I wasn't mad at all. I'm happy that we became friends," she said.

Gage first recounted the story the same way Paris found out about it: on "Watch What Happens Live." He didn't sound too apologetic about it then, either, telling Andy Cohen, "I got in. I saw Kathy Hilton right at the front door, told her she looked great in her dress, and then I went up to the bar with Dorit [Kemsley] and I took a shot with her and PK [Kemsley]."