The Truth About Tiffany Trump's Relationship With Michael Boulos

If someone mentions former president Donald Trump's daughter, your mind likely jumps straight to Ivanka, his reported favorite (per People). But Trump has another daughter, Ivanka's younger half-sister, Tiffany Trump. Over the years, much has been made of Tiffany's troubled relationship with her dad and siblings. After all, Tiffany didn't grow up with her dad or her half-siblings. Her mother raised her in Calabasas, so she didn't see her New York-based family members very often, as she told People. We're guessing it's been hard growing up in her sister's shadow, but Tiffany has grown into an impressive young woman.

Like her siblings, Tiffany attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she met Ross Mechanic, a Democrat she dated very seriously during her father's presidential campaign. Unfortunately, that relationship didn't last, as they broke up shortly after graduating, per People. Tiffany, however, wasted no time meeting the love of her life, Michael Boulos, a Lebanese billionaire four years her junior.

The couple got engaged just a day before Tiffany's father left office in 2021 and are reportedly planning a massive international celebration, per People. Below, we break down everything you need to know about Tiffany, Boulos, and an event that may turn out to be their very own big fat Greek wedding.

Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos met in Greece

Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos are both pretty fancy — after all, Tiffany is a former first daughter, and Boulos is a billionaire heir — so it should come as no surprise that they met in a pretty fabulous way. According to reports, the pair first crossed paths in 2018 while on vacation in Greece. More specifically, they were introduced while partying at Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club in Mykonos, per People.

At the time, Tiffany was in Greece to attend a fundraiser for African wildfires. It's unclear what Boulos was doing at the club. Before you get too excited, it wasn't Lohan who introduced them, though she does know each of them individually. "I wasn't there when they met," the actor told People shortly after their engagement announcement. "I know him ... and I know her," she said, "but I don't know what happened." However it happened, Greece remains a super special place for the couple. So special, in fact, that rumor has it, Greece was at the top of their list of potential wedding venues, per People

Tiffany Trump's family approves

Shortly after meeting Michael Boulos, Tiffany Trump took the plunge and introduced him to her family. Meeting a world leader and his family might be intimidating, but Boulos seems to have fit right in. He first met Tiffany's dad, Donald Trump, her sister, Ivanka Trump, Ivanka's family, and Tiffany's three brothers, Eric, Don Jr., and Barron, at Thanksgiving dinner in 2019, just a few short months after meeting Tiffany in Greece, per Town and Country. As far as anyone can tell, Boulos and the rest of the fam got along just fine.

Tiffany is also super close to her mom, Marla Maples, and she's made sure Boulos and Maples have spent plenty of time together too. The group attended the Taoray Wang fashion show together in 2018. Boulos did a great job winning over Tiffany's mom. "I adore Michael!" Maples told Town and Country.

Donald Trump has never spoken publicly about his daughter's relationship or shared his thoughts on Boulos, but we imagine he approves based on the rest of his family's overt support for the couple. Ivanka has left sweet comments on Boulos' Instagram photos, including one that read, "Love you guys!" It was in response to a shot of Boulos and Tiffany posing with her adult siblings and their significant others at the U.S. Capitol. 

Michael Boulos attends family functions

Michael Boulos' Trump family time didn't stop with Thanksgiving. Since meeting Tiffany Trump, he's been spotted with the former first family at all kinds of official functions. Peep either his or Tiffany's Instagram, and you'll spy photos of the pair all over the White House. As we mentioned above, Donald Trump has never spoken publicly about his daughter and Boulos' relationship, but he's made it clear he approves by welcoming Boulos into the family.

Case in point, the Trumps invited Boulos and his parents to celebrate Christmas at the White House with the rest of the first family and a few select guests, per Town and Country. The fams seem to get along famously. Though he isn't a U.S. citizen, Boulos' father is a big fan of Trump's dad. "[He's] the best president in recent US history; and the one with the biggest achievements by far," Massad Boulos told the Daily Mail after news of the engagement broke.

And Boulos wasn't just being invited to spend time with his fiancée's family at holiday events. He posed for photos with the Trumps at the State of the Union Address in 2020 and is often seen hanging with his future bride at Mar-a-Lago. According to sources, the couple is looking for houses in Miami, putting them close to Palm Beach and Ivanka Trump, who relocated to the area after leaving D.C., per People.

They are planning a destination wedding

Now, on to the wedding. According to reports, Tiffany Trump and Michael Boulos are in the process of planning a destination wedding at the time of this writing. The couple will likely marry in Greece — where they met — as it is a convenient midway point for their families and loved ones to gather, per People. Boulos grew up in Nigeria, where his father's business is headquartered, and spent years studying in London, per The Daily Mail. As for Trump, most of her family is stateside, though she's quite the globetrotter — she's shared photos from trips to Paris, LondonBora Bora, and, of course, Greece on her Instagram page. 

"Tiffany loves Mykonos and would like to marry around there," a source told People. The insider added that the couple would likely consider doing at least two ceremonies, one in Greece and another at Mar-a-Lago.Translation: Trump's wedding definitely won't be understated. She is a Trump, after all. "She is obsessed with glamour and glitz as well as beauty and romance," the source explained, and "wants to make her wedding one of a kind."

Michael Boulos is a billionaire

If you thought Tiffany Trump's fiancé would be intimidated by her ultra-wealthy and famous family, think again. Michael Boulos comes from an equally wealthy, equally powerful family and is more than capable of holding his own with the Trumps.

Let's back up, though. Boulos was born in Lebanon but primarily raised in Nigeria, where his family's business is headquartered. By most estimates, his personal wealth is somewhere around $20 million, though his family's collective assets are likely much higher (ahem, billions) thanks to the conglomerate's many interests. Boulos' father, who heads Boulos Enterprises and SCOA Nigeria, has wasted no time getting Boulos involved in the family biz. In 2020, he reportedly played a key role in a luxury jewelry deal worth half a billion dollars, per The Sun. Boulos isn't content to just coast on his family name for the rest of his life, though.

Like Tiffany, who went to the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown Law, he has an impressive educational background to match his fancy pedigree. Boulos studied business at Regents University in London before obtaining a master's in finance and project management from City University, London. Per the Daily Mail, he's held a managerial position at a "luxury holding company" and was the "vice president of business development" at a water filter manufacturing company in Connecticut. "He's involved in various aspects [of the family business] but currently he's in the United States and he's working on his own projects lately," Boulos' father told the outlet.

They got engaged at a strange time

While the rest of the Trump family was busy packing up the White House back in 2021, Tiffany Trump was looking towards the future. Shortly before the end of her father's only term in office, Tiffany announced her engagement to longtime love Michael Boulos. Boulos popped the question in the famed White House Rose Garden, per People.

"It has been an honor to celebrate many milestones, historic occasions and create memories with my family here at the White House," Tiffany wrote on Instagram on January 19, 2021, the day before the family was scheduled to leave. "None more special than my engagement to my amazing fiancé Michael! Feeling blessed and excited for the next chapter!"

Boulos posted his own announcement to his Instagram account, but otherwise, the engagement was overshadowed by Donald Trump's drama, which included the fallout from his highly criticized behavior on the day of the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. There was no public announcement from the White House, but some of Tiffany's family members did publicly celebrate the news. "So happy for you and Michael! Love you Tiff!" Ivanka Trump wrote on Instagram, per CBS News. Tiffany's mother, Marla Maples, also took to social media to congratulate her in a post on her Instagram Story, per People. "Celebrating God's endless blessing of love. May God's blessings & love always light your path. Love you so much, mom," she reportedly wrote. Hopefully, Tiffany's father wished her well, too ... even if he didn't do it publicly.

Tiffany Trump's ring is massive

It wouldn't do for Tiffany Trump to have an understated engagement ring. For one thing, she's marrying a billionaire. For another, she's, you know, a Trump, and named after a luxury jewelry chain no less, per Vanity Fair. Thankfully, the ring with which Michael Boulos eventually popped the question did not disappoint. When Boulos got down on one knee in the White House Rose Garden, he presented Tiffany with a massive diamond ring big enough to impress a Trump.

The ring was made by Samer Halimeh New York, and the diamond jewelry brand gave fans an inside peek at its design on its Instagram page. Two trapeze-shaped diamonds bookend a much larger emerald-cut diamond to make a whopping 13-carat ring.

A jeweler Grazia spoke to estimated the ring to be worth nearly $700k, while the Daily Mail reported its likely worth to be more than $1 million. Either way, the ring is beautiful. It's not the first time Boulos splashed out on a big gift for Tiffany either. Shortly after they began dating, he reportedly bought her "a diamond friendship bracelet worth $680,000" from the same jeweler, per Fox. Casual.

Their wedding could be a star-studded affair

Tiffany Trump reportedly wants an equally flashy wedding to go with her massive ring. Per People, she and Michael Boulos even toured a few possible locations for their big day during a summer trip to Greece — where they first met — in 2021. As of this writing, it's unclear if they'll tie the knot at the Lohan Beach House in Mykonos, but it's not entirely out of the question.

As for the actual ceremony and celebration, it's going to be massive. A source told Page Six that "Tiffany has been waiting to plan a very big wedding." Apparently, the couple is going to spare no expense when it comes to glamor. "Her fiancé is from a very wealthy family, she is from a very wealthy family, and they want all their friends from around the world to be there." Another source told People that Tiffany and Boulos "want to marry in a big ceremony, your basic international spectacle."

Just who might make the cut for international spectacle? In terms of celebs, Lindsay Lohan could be on the guest list. After all, they met at her club. Then, of course, Tiffany's family (let's not forget that her father was a reality star before he was a president) and maybe even supermodel Karlie Kloss, who's married to her brother-in-law's brother, Joshua Kushner