Did Pete Davidson Already Make A Vow To Kim Kardashian?

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been dating for a few months now, and things seem to be going really well. As the story goes, Davidson and Kardashian met when she hosted "Saturday Night Live" in October 2021. "He was a true professional the whole time they rehearsed and in between takes, but afterward things got flirty. They exchanged numbers and Pete asked if Kim would like to hang out sometime, which she agreed to straight away," a source told Us Weekly at the time. From there, the two were spotted at Knott's Berry Farm, and TMZ supplied the photos of what looked like a super fun date.

While Davidson and Kardashian may have hoped that their budding romance would stay out of the tabloids, the paparazzi — and fans — caught them out and about together on more than one occasion, and their new relationship simply took off. Back in February, Davidson referred to Kardashian as his "girlfriend" for the first time, according to People magazine, and, in an interview with Variety, Kardashian seemed to be very much on the same page. While she admits that Davidson won't be on the new "Kardashians" reality television show, she also revealed that she does talk about him and she will explain how everything came about. It is clear that Davidson and Kardashian are the real deal, and there have been plenty of reports that the two are serious, but has Davidson already made a vow to the reality star?

Pete Davidson wants Kim Kardashian to know he's serious

If you're a pop culture junkie — or you simply see celebrity headlines from time-to-time — you probably know that Kim Kardashian's ex, Kanye West, isn't really a huge fan of her new romance with Pete Davidson. And, West, being the creative entrepreneur that he is, has come up with some interesting ways to show that he's not a Davidson fan. In a music video for the song "Eazy," West "kidnapped and buried alive" a character that was created to look like Davidson, according to Page Six. In a subsequent video for the same track, West took aim at Davidson again, this time the claymation Davidson was attacked by a "skinned monkey."

And while any significant other would probably be massively bothered by this kind of behavior by an ex, Davidson seems to be handling things really well. In addition, he's supposedly promised Kardashian that he is not going anywhere no matter how crazy West gets. "Pete has told Kim in every way possible that he isn't going anywhere, and he really couldn't care less what Kanye does," a source told Hollywood Life. "Pete will stick by her for as long as she will let him. He's lovestruck," the source added.