Maggie Q Opens Up About Her Partner But Won't Reveal Their Identity

Maggie Q is a movie star who's always been defined more by her own accomplishments than her romantic exploits. Achieving international renown in the '90's after being discovered by Jackie Chan in Hong Kong, blockbusters like 2006's "Mission: Impossible III" and hit shows like CW's "Nikita" catapulted the actor's net worth into the millions over a consistently busy career, per Celebrity Net Worth. A longtime vegan and animal advocate, Q also launched her own sustainable athleisure line in March 2020, Qeep Up. A career aspiration she's had for ten years, Q told Health Magazine that she was waiting until the "technology is there."

In fact, aside from Q's rescue dogs, who frequently populate her Instagram feed and costar in her photoshoots, the last male to get famously close to the actor was her ex-"Stalker" costar, Dylan McDermott. After meeting on the set of the CBS thriller in 2014, McDermott and Q got engaged one year later, remaining together before calling quits in 2019, per People. Q and McDermott's busy schedules seemed to be of blame (Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, anyone?). In 2015, Q explaining their inability to pick out a wedding date to People, with her saying, "[It's] because of work and ... because you gotta balance everything."

In a sudden and surprising reveal, Q recently divulged that there was a new romantic partner in her life, but left the world guessing as to who it might be. 

Maggie Q doesn't work nights in the name of romance

Maggie Q seems to have continuously mastered balance in her lifestyle. As the actor shared with People in March, Q's recent daily schedule is split in half between work and exercising outdoors during the day and quality time with her partner at night. "I make a conscious decision not to work at night," Q said. "It's important to me that my partner knows they're a priority. At night we'll catch up and solve any issues." Additionally, the "Pivoting" star gushed about her mystery figure, "I'm so lucky to be with someone who cares more about my health and wellbeing than even I do and reminds me to give more to myself, so in turn, I have more to give back."

Q appeared on the "Tamron Hall Show" in August 2021 and revealed her standards for potential mates have lightened up over the years. "You can't expect people to be where you're at when you meet them," she said about no longer only dating other vegans. "I used to be a person who, like, forced my beliefs on people and you had to live the way that I did. And I found a gentler approach actually works better."