Vinny Guadagnino Does Not Hold Back When Discussing Dating Angelina Pivarnick

Vinny Guadagnino took more than a few girls back to the infamous "smush room" during his run on "Jersey Shore" including some of his castmates  but is he ready to settle down? The "Double Shot at Love" star has been keeping busy these days. He's taking his spicy Las Vegas gig to all new heights. Back in 2019, Vinny announced that he would be the new host of the playfully raucous live all-male revue, Chippendales, as per Cheat Sheet. Of course, the "Jersey Shore: Family Values" cameras were rolling to capture his stage debut. "I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I first got here, but I just loved it from the beginning," he told Las Vegas Sun. "It definitely is a staple show of Las Vegas and every time I tell people to come, they've never had a bad time."

According to TMZ, his ticket sales did enormous numbers. Vinny sold out every show, even beating out model/actor Tyson Beckford's 2017 run. Vinny has been asked to come back, and he's kicking off a Spring tour that will run until April 10 per the Chippendales' official site. It's unclear whether Vinny has any time left in his schedule to find that special someone, but one thing we do know  he's not asking out his co-stars any time soon.

Vinny speaks out on his relationship with his co-star

Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick have a longtime love/hate friendship. The two first met in 2009 on the set of their hit MTV series "Jersey Shore," after Angelina landed joined the main cast, according to Page Six. The co-stars were seen fighting, bantering, and flirting with each other before they finally took their tension to the smush room in Season 2, per Life & Style. Now, Vinny is making his feelings about Angelina quite clear. During an exclusive interview with US Weekly, the outlet asked him if he would ever date his newly divorced co-star and the Staten Island native said he'd "rather jump off (his) balcony." 

We know he was mostly joking, but he wants his fans to know that is not kidding about his (lack of) feeling towards her. "Like, when I tell you there's not an ounce of energy or anything in my body that has any kind of romantic attraction toward Angelina, I promise you. I do not."

Meanwhile, Vinny's close friend and "Jersey Shore" co-star Snooki told Us Weekly in June 2021 she believes Vinny and Angelina are "meant to be." "If she was single, they would definitely get together and have babies." The former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant also called the pair "soulmates," despite all the drama. "I don't know why they're fighting it."