What The Cast Of Gossip Girl Is Doing Today

The "Gossip Girl" revival premiered on HBO Max in July 2021 with an entirely new cast of characters and the return of the O.G. "Gossip Girl" star — Kristen Bell, who narrated the show back when it aired in 2007. Starring as the unknown blogger who knew all about the privileged teens at Constance Billard and St. Jude's on the Upper East Side, she has kept up with social media, using her very own verified Instagram account to dish the latest dirt in the new series. 

While Bell made an epic return to the cult classic, fans of the original series hoped that more stars would make surprise appearances. According to TheWrap, there were no cameos by the original main cast; however, their characters were mentioned throughout the show, including Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), and Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford). The show's creator Joshua Safran told the Daily Beast that bringing back the old cast could have been a distraction, sharing, "The audience would never accept these characters if they were in the shadow of the original characters."

It's not surprising that fans haven't seen Lively or Meester reprise their roles. Cast members are doing more work in film, television, and have even started families of their own. Here is what else these stars have been up to since saying goodbye to the beloved series.

Blake Lively

Actor Blake Lively portrayed protagonist Serena van der Woodsen in the original "Gossip Girl" series. Lively gained recognition for her role as the tall, blonde, and beautiful van der Woodsen, who would marry "Brooklyn Boy" Dan Humphrey in the end. For her role, she took home Teen Choice awards for choice TV actress in a drama, and when she was starting out, for female choice TV breakout star. 

"Gossip Girl" concluded in its 6th season in 2012, and Lively has kept busy since, starring in movies including "The Age of Adaline," "Cafe Society," "The Shallows," "A Simple Favor," and "The Rhythm Section." Lively has also worked behind the camera and made her directorial debut for Taylor Swift's music video for "I Bet You Think About Me." 

Lively has not made a cameo in Season 1 of the "Gossip Girl" reboot, and fans might not see her reprise her role in future seasons. She once told Allure magazine about her role (via Harpers Bazaar), "People loved it, but it always felt a little personally compromising — you want to be putting a better message out there." The actor might have a new perspective since having three daughters with actor-husband Ryan Reynolds. She once told E! News about considering roles and being away from her children, stating, "I guess I really have to really, really, really, really love it, because I'm just obsessed with my kids."

Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf would rather be hated for who she is than admired for who she isn't. Portrayed by actor Leighton Meester, Waldorf was frenemies with Lively's Serena van der Woodsen, and despite her tough exterior, did not give up on her friends or the ones she loved, especially Chuck Bass.

Since starring as the overachiever Waldorf, Meester found continued success in movies and television shows. Her many film credits include "Country Strong," "The Roommate," and "Monte Carlo." She has also starred in the Fox comedy series "Making History," the ABC sitcom "Single Parents" and "How I Met Your Father." Her Netflix thriller "The Weekend Away" premiered in 2022. Meester is also a singer, having released her debut album "Heartstrings" in 2014. She told Cosmopolitan UK that fans can "hopefully" expect new music from her soon.

Besides showcasing her acting range in multiple projects since "Gossip Girl," Meester is also a mom of two with her husband, actor Adam Brody, whom she wed in 2014. Talking to Shape in 2019, Meester gave insight on how they rely on one another, stating, "I just don't believe in balance. I think that's not possible if you're a working mother — and with single mothers, I cannot even imagine that. ... Some days my husband makes dinner, and some days I do. Other days, I'm too tired, and I eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. It's just the thing we do to make it work."

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley starred as Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey in the "Gossip Girl" series, and fans are still reeling over the fact that the sensitive writer was in fact, the Gossip Girl. Badgley has since left Humphrey behind and has made a name for himself in Hollywood, especially with his popular Netflix series "You."

"You" debuted in 2018 and starred Badgley as the dangerous and obsessive Joe Goldberg. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the stalker series is set for a fourth season, with executive producer Sera Gamble sharing, "It's been thrilling to watch Penn [Badgley] bring Joe to creepy yet compelling life. We're deeply grateful that Netflix has shown 'You' such monumental support, and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe really get it all very wrong over the past three seasons. The whole 'You' team is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in season four."

Badgley has expressed his distaste for playing Goldberg, especially when fans have viewed his murderous character as a heartthrob. "I struggled greatly with the conflict of playing such a guy and him being partly so likable and people having such a, as we say, thirsty response to him," he shared while on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." While Badgley does not share quite the same traits as his character on the show, they both experienced becoming fathers. Badgley welcomed his first child, a son with his wife Domino Kirke, in 2020, per People.

Chace Crawford

Who didn't crush on Nate Archibald while watching the original "Gossip Girl?" Portrayed by actor Chace Crawford, not only was his character known for his extremely good looks, but he was also known for his good heart. In fact, Nate had "never sent a tip in to Gossip Girl" until the very end of the series, with executive producer Joshua Safran telling BuzzFeed that he was likely to become the Gossip Girl because of it. However, plans changed, and fans all know of the true identity of the blogger. 

Leaving Nate Archibald behind, Crawford has starred in the television series "Blood & Oil" on ABC and stars as Kevin Moskowitz/The Deep in Amazon Prime's "The Boys." Speaking to Esquire about taking on a more serious role in "The Boys," he shared, "I was really wanting to work on something different. Something to sort of stretch what I can do and show." Crawford added that he almost lost a role in the 2019 film "Charlie Says" because of his looks and wanted people to acknowledge his acting abilities. "I just want more swings at the bat. Whether that's comedy, or doing darker stuff. Hopefully, it opens up some different doors and avenues into other things. That's all you can hope for." 

It appears that Crawford has landed more roles, with films in the works including "Reunion," starring Nina Dobrev and Jamie Chung.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen starred as Jenny Humphrey, Dan Humphrey's little sister who idolized Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. However, Jenny broke away from worshipping and pleasing the "It girls of Manhattan," especially Blair, and tried to make it on her own. Momsen was a main character until the end of Season 3 and barely made appearances in Season 4, with Deadline reporting that her character would begin an "indefinite hiatus," which was done "for strictly creative reasons." Momsen wasn't seen again until the Season 6 finale episode where she attended Dan and Serena's wedding, per Us Weekly.

Momsen told Elle that she was more focused on her music and her band The Pretty Reckless, thus sidelining her acting career. "Acting was my day job; music has always been in me," she shared. When The Pretty Reckless were releasing their debut album "Light Me Up" in 2010, she told Entertainment Weekly, "I've been acting since I was 2. I don't dislike it by any means, but it's a job to me. It can never be as personal as music because you're playing a character and saying someone else's words. Music is who I am."

The Pretty Reckless have released four albums, including "Death by Rock and Roll," which came out in February 2021. In an interview with Tuonela Magazine, Momsen spoke again about pausing her acting career for her music, sharing, "I don't think I was an actress, it was just something I always did... it wasn't something that I ever chose for myself."

Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick starred as bad boy of the Upper East Side, Chuck Bass, and since the show's ending in 2012, he's worked on several films and television series, including "Romeo & Juliet," "Billionaire Ransom," "Me You Madness," and the TV series "Wicked City," where he starred as Kent Galloway. 

Although Westwick has had a fruitful career, in 2017 and 2018, actor Kristina Cohen and three other women accused the star of sexual assault. In her Facebook post, Cohen revealed that she and her boyfriend visited Westwick's home, and she woke up to find the actor assaulting her. According to NBC News, Westwick did not face any charges connected to the assaults, with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office stating that the women lacked enough evidence to prove the actor had assaulted them. "Gossip Girl" star and former girlfriend of Westwick's, Jessica Szohr, told Cosmopolitan at the time, "You know, he's like, 'The truth will come out and hopefully people see that and hopefully that's it,'" adding that Westwick is "lovely," and she found the allegations "shocking." Besides having dated Szohr, Westwick was also known for his relationship with model Tamara Francesconi, which lasted from fall 2019 to 2021, per Us Weekly.

According to IMDb, Westwick will star in the war film "Wolves of War" and in a movie called "Deep Fear," which is under wraps as of this writing. 

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford came to "Gossip Girl" with an impressive acting resume, after starring in the soap opera "Melrose Place" and the ABC drama "Homefront." She portrayed Lily van der Woodsen in The CW's popular teen drama and went on to star in numerous television shows, including "Reckless," "Gone," "Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionist," and "Dynasty."

Although she has a busy career, her private life has not been as kind after going through a nasty divorce from her ex-husband Daniel Giersch, which resulted in a long custody battle over their two children. According to People, Rutherford lost custody of their son Hermes and their daughter Helena in 2015; they have been living in Monaco with their father, who is unable to enter the U.S. after confiscation of his work visa. Rutherford must constantly travel across the ocean to see her children, but she shared with People that they have a close relationship. "They're just growing up so fast. ... They're really open with me. We're just really bonding, which is nice."

Despite the challenges the actor faces, she seems to always be in good spirits. Talking to Forbes in 2020, Rutherford was focusing on the positives, sharing, "We have to find what makes us happy. Spend more time focused on what you do enjoy," she shared, adding, "You keep knocking on the door that's locked when there is one right here that's open. They both go to the same place!"

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell was the infamous voice of Gossip Girl and returned to voice the narrator in the HBO Max reboot. The series' showrunner Joshua Safran told ET that it was important to have Bell return: "We went up to her and she was like, 'Of course, I want to do it.' And then, yeah, there's no 'Gossip Girl' without Kristen. I mean, it's not just the voice, it's her whole being. Her soul comes through her voice and you just feel like you're in the show. Without her, whenever there's like a temp, it doesn't feel like the show, and then when you hear her voice, then you're like, 'There it is.'"

Bell's career in acting has been quite successful, as she's starred in "Veronica Mars," "House of Lies," and "The Good Place," among other TV shows. The actor is also known for her films "When in Rome," "You Again," "Bad Moms," and of course, for voicing Anna in Disney's hit films "Frozen" and "Frozen II." In 2022, she starred in the crime drama miniseries "The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window" on Netflix. 

Bell is also keeping busy with her family. She is married to actor Dax Shepard, and despite having dated since 2007, the couple did not tie the knot until 2013. They decided to wait until gay marriage was legal in their home state of California. She told People at the time, "We would feel weird taking advantage of a right that's not available to certain citizens of the state we live in." The couple are also parents to two daughters named Lincoln and Delta.

Matthew Settle

In the original "Gossip Girl" series, actor Matthew Settle's character Rufus Humphrey, the father of Dan and Jenny Humphrey, rekindled a romance with Lily van der Woodsen, played by actor Kelly Rutherford. Although their characters decided to go their separate ways in the show's final season, rumors were swirling that the stars were a real-life couple. During Rutherford's divorce and Settle's 2010 separation, Rutherford shared with People, "He's been really supportive. He's a great friend and I really appreciate that." Settle chimed in, "We're good friends. Kelly and I have a lot in common because we are supporting each other at this time of our lives."

The actors have remained super close and have shared adorable photos of one another on Instagram. In 2014, Settle shared a photo of the two stars looking at one another with a single heart emoji, and in 2015, he dedicated a post of the two hugging for Valentine's Day. In 2017, Rutherford shared a photo of herself having jumped on Settle's back and gave her co-star a sweet birthday shout-out that read, "Happy Birthday to my handsome soulful friend @matthew_settle. I love you and think the world of you. As an actor father and friend. Sending you so much love today and everyday. (as you can see I have a really tough time showing my affection for this human)." 

Besides working on "Gossip Girl," Settle has worked on the films "Ouija," "Paper Angels," and "The Faith of Anna Waters." He hasn't been in any projects since 2017 and has gone quiet on social media.

Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr came on to the series as Vanessa Abrams, and 10 years since the show ended, has given "Gossip Girl" fans the ultimate gift by releasing a podcast spilling secrets about the show with former co-stars and the show's creators. On "XOXO with Jessica Szohr," the actor has interviewed fan favorites including Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen, and Ed Westwick. Talking to Teen Vogue about her new podcast, she shared, "It's bringing back all these like warm, fuzzy feelings. We're taking a walk down memory lane. Now I can totally see why this show hit the way it did and why it was a fan favorite and why people thought it was so epic. Not that I didn't see that before, it's just I'm a little bit more removed and older, and a mom."

Since starring on the show, Szohr has continued to act and has been seen in the films "The Internship," "Ted 2," and the television shows "Shameless" and "The Orville." In 2021, she became a first-time mom when she welcomed a baby girl named Bowie with her boyfriend, hockey player Brad Richardson. She shared a photo on Instagram of her daughter's hands and wrote, "This journey with Brad and Lexi has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. To then create a human that is absolutely perfect in our eyes and put a feeling in my heart I didn't know existed is beyond words. I have all the feels and she is really something special." 

Connor Paolo

Since starring as Eric Van Der Woodsen in "Gossip Girl," actor Connor Paolo has continued acting in television, most notably starring as Declan Porter in "Revenge." He's also appeared in several films, including "Friend Request," "Outlaw," and "Floc of Four," and has many projects in the works, including horror movie "Fire Island" and a thriller titled "Viral." 

Like his "Gossip Girl" castmate Taylor Momsen, who starred as Jenny Humphrey, he was also last seen in Season 4, until the show's finale. Paolo has kept a close bond with Momsen and shows immense support for her band The Pretty Reckless, even having appeared in the music video for the band's song "My Medicine." He shared with The Hollywood Reporter, "It's been a relatively long friendship as far as my life goes, and honestly, I think I'd go to her shows if I didn't know who she was. I love her band." Paolo even admitted that he'd want to see Momsen return to acting, stating, "I'm always yelling at Taylor to act because I think she's great and I'd love to do something with her."

Besides his successful acting career, Paolo has also been showing off his impressive guitar and singing skills. The star shared a video on Instagram covering Alkaline Trio's song "Blue in the Face." We're sure fans would love to see Momsen and Paolo team up and make music together one day.

Zuzanna Szadkowski

Zuzanna Szadkowski starred as the beloved housekeeper Dorota for the Waldorf family. She was a mother figure to Blair Waldorf and the only person Blair could trust with her deep dark secrets. Having known just about everything that went down on the Upper East Side, many fans believed that it was Dorota who had to be Gossip Girl. Szadkowski told Cosmopolitan that she even believed she would become the secret blogger. "I totally did and I also kind of hoped it would be, and then I was a little disappointed that it wasn't," she shared. 

After the show ended, Szadkowski went on to star in several projects and made appearances on the television shows "The Good Wife," "Girls," and "Elementary." She starred as Nurse Pell in "The Knick" and Mabel Ainsley in "The Gilded Age," and was one "Gossip Girl" actor to return for the series' reboot. Szadkowski made her return in Season 1, Episode 10 as Dorota while the character's husband Vanya and their daughter Ana, who was born in the original series, also made an appearance, per Insider.

Talking to E! about her return as the faithful housekeeper, Szadkowski shared, "I was so excited to work on the show with this extraordinary cast. When [executive producer] Josh Safran asked me to come back, I jumped at it. I've missed Dorota a lot. It was very 'Gossip Girl' to try to keep it a secret!"

Margaret Colin

Margaret Colin starred as the mother of Blair Waldorf, Eleanor Waldorf-Rose, in the original series, and just like her co-star Zuzanna Szadkowski, made a brief return to the "Gossip Girl" reboot in a fitting Hanukkah episode. Colin appeared in Season 1, Episode 10, titled "Final Cancellation," where fans also got to see the star reunite with castmate Wallace Shawn, who starred as her husband Cyrus Rose in the series. 

Speaking to TVLine, showrunner Joshua Safran said of bringing back a few of the original castmates, "Just being with them is a joy, because they themselves are icons as humans, and as their characters. [After reaching out to Szadkowski] it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to the rest of them. Being there to watch them was a joy, writing for them was a joy, and making Margaret speak Yiddish was a joy." Back when she did star in the original, Colin admired her role as Eleanor Waldorf, sharing with Hollywood The Write Way, "My favorite quality about her is that she sees the world from her own unique perspective. She's self-centered so I can't wait to fully grasp the opportunities that are left for her. She is the star of her own world and that's my favorite quality about her."

Besides making her grand return on the show, Colin has made television series appearances in "The Good Wife," "Gotham," "Madam Secretary," and "Younger." She has starred as Jane McCabe in "Veep" and Carol Conte in "Chicago Med." 

Michelle Trachtenberg

If there was one person that was most loathed on the original "Gossip Girl," it was most certainly Georgina Sparks, who was played by actor Michelle Trachtenberg. The star shared with ET that playing the role of the rebellious character was her favorite by far, stating, "Georgina is actually my favorite character that I've played because she's such an evil B-I-T-C-H that it was fun." When asked if the star would make a return to the series reboot, Trachtenberg gave the perfect response with, "I'll never tell."

Way before she was Georgina Sparks, Trachtenberg was known for her roles in "Harriet the Spy" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." She went on to have cameos in television shows including "Criminal Minds," "NCIS: Los Angeles," and "Sleepy Hollow." In 2018, she starred in the animated show "Human Kind Of" and told ET in 2021 that she was excited about the Tubi series "Meet, Marry, Murder." She shared, "Meet, Marry, Murder is something I am really proud of because yes, I am an executive producer. I host, I  narrated it. We filmed it during the COVID. And basically, what I want people to know is that we are honoring the memories and lives of the people lost. And I would absolutely love people to be watching it on Tubi. Because, I myself, am an extreme true crime fan."