The Surprising Word Queen Elizabeth Was Once Called During A Photoshoot

The untold truth of Queen Elizabeth could easily be one for the history books, even though there are still several more chapters to be written. During her long reign, the queen has seen more scandals and surprises — with some tragic details about her that even the biggest royal fans are still learning. Just in the last year alone, she's been forced to slap some severe consequences on her son Prince Andrew, might potentially have to deal with an embarrassing cash-for-honors scandal tied with Prince Charles' charity, and of course is still dealing with the fallout of Megxit. 

That said, the queen is still the most favorably viewed member of the royal family, as her popularity is the reason why she's gotten so much support over the years. In 2012, 69% of Brits believed that the country would be worse off without the monarchy, while Americans think that the queen is "charming" and "wonderful," per The Guardian. With the world's admiration, it's without a doubt that the queen can be counted as one of the most respected people in the world. However, she was once called something that was a little less than respectful during a photoshoot back in 2014.

Queen Elizabeth is no one's girl

Photographer David Bailey let an unfortunate word slip while he was photographing Queen Elizabeth back in 2014. That's not because his intentions were malicious, but because he was so caught up in the moment that he felt as though he was in the room with Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss rather than the queen of England. In an interview with The Telegraph, Bailey had asked the queen if the jewels on top of her head were real. "I said: 'I bet that cost a few bob, girl,'" he recalled. When asked to explain, Bailey said, "It just came out. I call everyone 'girl.'"

While it's safe to assume that the moment might have taken the queen aback, if there's one thing that she could have found royally insulting — other than being called a "girl" — it's that Bailey even dared to question whether the jewels she wore were of the real kind. Talk about something to scoff about.