New Theory About Bob Saget's Death Has Come To Light

Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, marked the two-month anniversary of her husband's death on Instagram. She captioned an image of them, writing, "2 whole months. I've experienced that now time means nothing and everything at the same time." She noted, "You count the weeks, and the months, they're strange and surreal milestones. How can it be 2 months without you?? But also it feels like yesterday you were here- and it still also feels like you never left?" Rizzo said that it was "a very weird new universe" without Saget, and that "learning how to navigate it is quite the journey." She was inundated with messages of comfort and encouragement. In fact, Candace Cameron Bure wrote, "Can't send enough [love]."

Bob Saget's family and wife approached a Florida court to block some of the actor's death records from the public, per NBC News. In the lawsuit, the family alleged that some photographs and video footage from the Orange County Sheriff's incident report were graphic and they wanted it to be kept confidential. After the presiding officer ruled in their favor, the family released a statement, via NBC. "The entire Saget family is grateful that the judge granted their request for an injunction to preserve Bob's dignity, as well as their privacy rights, especially after suffering this unexpected and tragic loss," it stated. Now that the incident report has been released, new details and a more complete picture of Saget's cause of death have come to light.

Bob Saget may have fractured his head falling on carpeted floor

Bob Saget died in his hotel room on January 9. NBC News reported that the medical examiner confirmed that Saget's cause of death was due to head trauma. Now, the Orange County Sheriff's incident report has shed some light on Saget's final hours.

People obtained a copy of the report confirming that Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany believed that "the amount of force necessary to cause the fracture, coupled with the fact that the skin on the back of the head was still intact, led him to believe that the injury was most likely caused by 'something hard, covered by something soft.'" The examiner thought that "a fall onto a carpeted floor" could have resulted in the fatal injury. In a previous People article, police indicated that Saget could have regained consciousness after the fall and staggered to the bed, where he again passed out before dying at approximately 4 a.m.

The incident report stated that the fractures "would have stunned Mr. Saget, and even if the bleeding occurred slowly, Mr. Saget would have noticed symptoms such as dizziness." Evidently, "there would have signs that were obvious to those around him, such as issues with confusion, balance, and/or slurred speech" and negated the possibility that the fracture could have occurred previously. They also confirmed that no "definitive conclusion" could be drawn as to where he hit his head, but foul play had been ruled out.