The Latest Reported Details About Flip Or Flop's Cancellation Are Raising Eyebrows

Fans of the hit HGTV show, "Flip or Flop," were shocked to learn of its abrupt cancellation. "Bittersweet news to announce, it's the end of an era. Next week's episode of Flip or Flop will be the SERIES finale," Christina Haack wrote in an Instagram post last week. "I'm filled with gratitude to have done 10 seasons of a hit show. I remember filming the pilot and thinking, 'wouldn't this be crazy if is this actually made it to network tv?.'" 

Christina went on to thank her fans for their support and promised them she was working on something exciting behind the scenes. Her co-host and ex-husband Tarek El Moussa posted his own farewell note, but it didn't exactly clear anything up. What we do know, is that Tarek and Christina are both super busy in their personal lives. Together they share two kids, and Christina has a young son with her most recent ex, Ant Anstead. Additionally, they're both busy with new relationships. Tarek recently wed "Selling Sunset" star Heather Rae, and Christina is engaged to Austin-based realtor Joshua Hall. "They're both very busy working on their own projects and have a lot going on in their personal lives," a source told Us Weekly

Still, fans were left scratching their heads. After all, "Flip or Flop" was a hit, why end it so soon? Things may have seemed copacetic on camera, but according to reports Tarek and Christina were at their breaking point behind the scenes. 

Christina and Tarek on set relationship was a "flop"

 "Flip or Flop" allegedly hit the skids because Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack couldn't move past their interpersonal issues. "It's not ideal to have two exes who share children working together so closely while their significant others are just standing by," an insider told the New York Post

Since their 2018 divorce, things have been tense on set. Fans might remember back in July 2021 when the pair got into a tabloid-worthy fight during the middle of filming, per TMZ. According to sources who witnessed the altercation, Tarek lost it when Christina motioned for him to get back to work and begin filming. Tarek reportedly screamed that Christina was "crazy" and called her a "washed-up loser." To add insult to injury he reportedly also compared her to his "hotter" and "richer" fiance, Heather.  In order to wrap up production, the crew had to film Tarek and Christina separately for the rest of the day. Apparently this sort of disruption wasn't all that unusual on the "Flip or Flop" set. "Once the cameras went away you noticed a different vibe," a source told Us Weekly. "[They] would speak to the cast and crew more than they would each other."

Clearly, having the exes work together was putting on strain on everyone involved to the point that it was no longer practical. Even so, Tarek and Christina are committed to moving forward in the most amicable way possible as co-parents... but definitely not costars.