What's The Real Meaning Of Sweetest Pie By Megan Thee Stallion And Dua Lipa? Here's What We Think

The collaboration between Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa on "Sweetest Pie" was a long time coming. A fan-made mashup of a song featuring the rapper and singer was the impetus for the two to eventually work together. "I be seeing everybody making mashups of me and Dua songs and I'm like, 'No, this sounds too good. We have to make a song," Megan said in an interview on "New Music Daily with Zane Lowe" on March 9 (via Nylon). Although the "Savage" rapper was eager to collaborate, she was ultra-selective about what song the pair could record together. "I got to find that right beat. It has to be perfect," Megan recalled telling Lipa.

Finding the perfect beat may have been a chore for the rapper, but working alongside Lipa certainly was not. "It was just super easy the whole time, and I really liked that about her," Megan said on "New Music Daily." Megan added, "She was very kind," while noting that being "very sweet" was rare in the industry.

One issue did arise in the recording process, however, as Megan found it difficult to write lyrics that had the same impact as Lipa's singing. "I wrote so many versions of this song," she told the singer on her "Dua Lipa: At Your Service" podcast (via HipHop DX). "Finally, when I heard your voice on it I was like, 'No – I need to rewrite all of this," Megan revealed. Eventually, Megan settled on lyrics that help make "Sweetest Pie" a massive hit.

How they planned to fool men

On "Sweetest Pie," Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa allude to being femme fatales that offer up men a "slice" of something that is more than they bargained for. In the alluring chorus the pair hint at what they could offer unsuspecting men. "I might take you home with this / I might give you all of it / Come get your dose of the sweetest pie," they sing (via Genius).

The lyrics are filled with explicit innuendos. "Booty like a pillow, he can use it while he sleepin'," Megan raps in the opening verse. Throughout that first verse, the "Bussin'" rapper offers up the enchanting "pie," but begins to make her own demands. "He a player, but for Megan, he cuttin' the whole team," she raps. Megan lets it known that men have always come to her. "I wish a n**** would try to put me on ice/ I ain't ever had to chase d*** in my life," she spits. The last line of the verse holds the key to the song. "That Hansel and Gretel, let him eat me up," the rapper says. That allusion to the famous fairy tale hints that the "Sweetest Pie" Megan and Dua offer comes with a catch.

At the end of the third verse, Megan shows that offering up a tasty treat to men helped put the women in control. "Cesar Millan, I got his a** trained/ Trouble at the top, now who really runnin' things?" she raps. The song's music video only helped add to the imagery.

Megan Thee Stallion defends the controversial video

The day before the video for "Sweetest Pie" dropped, Dua Lipa posted a snap with Megan Thee Stallion where the pair rocked evocative costumes from the track's visuals. "So excited i'm crying sugary icing out of my tear ducts!!!!!!" the singer tweeted on March 10. In the "Hansel and Gretel"-inspired video, unsuspecting men are lured to Megan and Dua's lair. Images of men in a cauldron are seen along with men trying to burn the two women at the stake. The video's symbolism elicited a strong reaction from a few fans.

Shortly after the video dropped on March 11, Megan responded to a fan on Twitter who accused the artist of using "devil worship" in the visuals. The "Hot Girl Summer" rapper explained how both the song and accompanying video showed how she always comes out on top. "The symbolism of the video was how when men come for me I eat they a** up every time," Megan tweeted. "[E]ven when y'all go on y'all's witch hunts attacking women for whatever reasons y'all make up we still rise from the ashes stronger than ever," she added.

In a separate tweet, the Houston-born rapper noted how the Lipa-assisted video had bothered certain viewers. "I see that the #SweetestPie video scared some people ... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED," she wrote. According to Megan, the visuals were inspired by "horror films/aesthetics." Megan seemed to relish the intense reactions from viewers who were displeased by the vid.