Britney Spears' Return To Instagram Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Britney Spears is fairly active on Instagram, and often shares a variety of posts, including dance videos, quotes, artwork, and plenty of bikini photos. For the past couple of years, fans have spent time trying to decode possible clues from Spears' captions, and, once her conservatorship ended in November 2021, many have been curious to read what Spears has to say because she has been revealing quite a bit about how she was treated by her dad. Of course, there's also the drama between Spears and her younger sister, and she really hasn't held back when it comes to telling people how she really feels.

However, from time to time, Spears has been known to completely deactivate her Instagram account. In September 2021, for example, the pop star decided to step away from the social media site shortly after she and boyfriend Sam Asghari got engaged, according to Billboard. "Don't worry folks ... just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement!!!! I'll be back soon," Spears posted on her Twitter account at the time. 

In mid-March 2022, Spears decided to take another Instagram hiatus, this time without any kind of warning or explanation. When she returned to the platform, however, some fans were left confused. 

Britney Spears did not say why she deactivated her account

Britney Spears deactivated her Instagram account on March 16. She retuned to the platform two days later, picking up right where she left off. She shared a few photos of herself in a white crop top and a blue skirt, which she called her "'Clueless' look" in one of her Instagram captions. What seemed to be missing, however, was Spears' explanation for why she decided to deactivate her account to begin with. Although Spears' decision not to address her absence may be confusing to her 39 million followers, it seems she was just taking a bit of a mental health break from being on social — not unlike the last time she deactivated her account. "She previously said she'd be taking a well-deserved break as many celebrities do, that's really it," a source told Entertainment Tonight after Spears' account disappeared from Instagram. 

Meanwhile, the only real message Spears had for her fans was in the Instagram caption of the last post she shared on March 18. "As much FOOT WORK as I've had to do performing, I'm learning the art of doing !!!! Way less goes a long way ... side to side .... YES ... sitting pretty is my philosophy!!!! Might be doing this for a VERY VERY LONG TIME ... so if you don't like it don't f***ing follow me and don't forget KISS IT!!!!!" she wrote.