Maury Povich Reveals The Real Reason His Talk Show Is Ending

The "Maury" show has been one of the longest-running shows in America, but it's coming to an end. According to IMDb, the show first aired in 1991, and it's been a hit ever since. Crazy how fast time flies, right? Host Maury Povich has appeared in nearly 5,000 episodes of the self-titled series, a massive accomplishment for any person in the television industry. The show has not only made Maury famous, but it's also made him incredibly rich. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the star is worth $80 million.

In 2021, Maury sat down for an interview with KTLA 75 to talk about the series, which happens to be the longest-running talk show in history. Maury shared why he thinks the show has been so successful after all these years. "I think you have to change with the times... There is a thread, and the thread is storytelling. I've always believed, Doug, that it's about storytelling... but each individual story has its unique quality," he confessed. In 2012, he shared similar thoughts on why his show is so unique. "Any research company will tell you it's a huge oddity that a talk show gets younger and more popular as the show and host get older," he told the Chicago Tribune.

So far, viewers have been through more paternity tests than we will ever be able to wrap our minds around. But... like all good things, it must come to an end. 

Maury Povich is retiring

Just like that... It's the end of an era! The "Maury" has been on air since 1991, and this year is the last. The star of the show, 83-year-old Maury Povich released a statement to People, sharing why he chose the 2021-2022 for the show to finally end, though it wasn't part of his original plan. Maury explained that he had planned to retire six years ago, but his wonderful family at NBC convinced him to do otherwise. "Even though I told them I was ready for assisted living, out of loyalty to NBCUniversal and my more than 100 staff and crew members, [Executive Vice President of NBCUniversal Syndication Studios] Tracie Wilson and I agreed to one more deal," he shared.The talk show host added that he's proud of all his work on the show. "But as I occasionally tell my guests on 'Maury,' 'Enough, already!'" he fittingly added. 

It's no surprise that Twitter had a lot to say about the news, with many people feeling sad that it was coming to an end. "Maury Povich and the lie detector test gave me some of the best years of my life," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Nooooo!! What are kids gonna watch when they stay home from school now?!? Maury and Jerry were the go to's," another person added.

There's no doubt that Maury will be missed, but one thing is for sure — he is well-deserving of retirement.