Chrissy Teigen Shares Big Update On Her IVF Journey

Chrissy Teigen continues to be an open book about the personal details of her life, especially as she and husband John Legend hope to expand their family through IVF. Teigen often shares moments with her kids — Miles and Luna — on social media, and was even astoundingly open about the loss of their son Jack in 2020, so it's no wonder she's continuing to be vocal on big changes in her life.

Along with her IVF experience, Teigen has been sticking with sobriety for a spell. She celebrated six months without alcohol at the start of 2022 and shared the excitement with fans on Instagram. "Sometimes I don't even know if I necessarily won't ever drink again?" she wrote in the caption alongside a series of photos of her enjoying some sunshine. Her goal for kicking the habit? Teigen is hoping for a "full body reset" at the one-year mark and taking it from there.

The model attended the 2022 Hollywood Beauty Awards to support her stylist and makeup artist, Alana Van Deraa and Kristine Sudden. She told Entertainment Tonight that the award season has been strange this time around because she is "so used to getting so hammered." She explained, "I very much connect to enjoying yourself and having champagne, but I also connected with those feelings of immense regret or stupid moments." While opening up on the red carpet, she also shared a little update regarding her IVF process.

Chrissy Teigen has entered the next phase of her IVF journey

Chrissy Teigen was in cheery spirits at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. In addition to attending the event to support some of her best friends — stylist Alana Van Deraa and makeup artist Kristine Sudden — she had another moment to celebrate. "I finished my IVF part, so I feel so much healthier and so much better with that," Teigen shared with Entertainment Tonight. She then quickly guided the focus back to the fun of her sobriety experience.

After announcing the start of her IVF shots in her Instagram Stories in February, according to People, Teigen made an official post. "I'm balls deep in another IVF cycle to save as many eggos as I possibly can and hopefully make some strong, healthy embryos," she wrote. Keeping on brand, the "Cravings" creator shared that she was fine with the shots but definitely not enjoying the bloating. With those clear updates, she begged fans to stop asking if she was pregnant despite their good intentions. "But also like please stop asking people, anyone, if they're pregnant ... I'd rather be the one to tell you."

With the difficulty of IVF, Teigen and John Legend are keeping a positive outlook on the entire process. A source told Us Weekly that the couple felt lucky to be able to try. "It's thanks to John's love and support plus his levelheaded-ness that Chrissy's been able to stay so positive and strong. They're taking it step-by-step but both feel confident and optimistic."