The Meaningful Names Nicolas Cage Has Picked Out For His Baby

Quirky celebrity kid names have been entertaining the world for a while. From Apple Martin to North West, many celeb parents have showcased their creativity through newborns' chosen monikers. Screen icon Nicolas Cage was no different when he and ex-wife Alice Kim welcomed son Kal-El Coppola Cage in 2005, per Us Weekly

Cage once said of the interesting choice, per People, "I remembered the old Superman comics and Kal-El was his original name on Krypton. So I wanted a name that stood for something good, was unique and American and that's all three... it had kind of a magical ring to it." Known amongst fans for having a personal affinity for the Superman character, Cage was even scheduled to play the Man of Steel in a now-shelved Tim Burton-directed project, per ScreenRant.

Announcing in January that he was expecting another child with wife Riko Shibata (Cage and Kim finalized their divorce in 2016, per Us), it looks like Cage will be adding another uniquely-named member to his brood. 

Nicolas Cage picked out touching names for baby No. 3

This time, Nicolas Cage is considering a touching tribute as his next child's name. The "Face/Off" star told GQ for its April issue that he and wife Riko Shibata, expecting their first baby together, will honor either his late father August Coppola or uncle Francis Ford Coppola. Explaining that it'll be "Akira Francesco" if it's a boy and "Lennon Augie" if it's a girl, Cage elaborated, "Augie was my father's nickname. And my uncle has decided to change his name to Francesco." (Cage also honored August when he married Shibata on his February 16 birthday in 2021.)

Name talk aside, Cage's relationship with his children has always been close, with both Weston (from his previous marriage to Christina Fulton, per People) and Kal-El following Cage into the film industry. According to Yahoo! Movies, Kal-El worked side-by-side with his dad on 2018's animated film, "Teen Titans Go! to the Movies," in which Kal-El (ironically) provided the voice of Batman while Cage took on that of Superman's. As for Weston, he has appeared in several of his father's films, including 2005's star-studded thriller "Lord of War" and 2013's character drama, "Joe," per IMDb).

It remains to be seen whether Cage's latest addition will enter the movie business, but one thing is for certain — they'll have a very special name!