Jennifer Lopez Reveals What She Can't Forget 25 Years After Making Selena

Jennifer Lopez has played many memorable roles in her life, but the film "Selena" put her on the map. In the movie, Lopez played the role of singer Selena Quintanilla. As most know, Selena's life was tragically cut short in 1995 when her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar, gunned down Selena at a hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas. Selena had a meeting with Saldivar after it was suspected that she was stealing money from Selena. The singer was just 23 years old at the time. 

Selena's life story turned into a movie starring Lopez and became one of the most iconic and defining roles of Lopez's career. The star has talked about her role several times, including in a 2015 interview with Billboard. Lopez shared that playing Selena in the movie helped inspire her to launch her own singing career. "It had a lot to do with it — all those performances. I sang in musicals before but as part of a cast, never as a solo artist upfront or a recording artist," she told the outlet. "It made me realize, "Don't neglect parts of yourself and let people put you in a box because you're an actress. You can do this, and you can also do that. Life is short, and you don't know what's going to happen. Go for your dreams, and don't let anyone hold you back."

Lopez continues to talk about her role as Selena to this day, including the one thing she just can't forget about playing the legendary singer.

Jennifer Lopez studied Selena's moves hard

Jennifer Lopez is still reminiscing about one of her most famous roles. On the 25th anniversary of the film "Selena," the star took to Twitter to share some thoughts. "What a very special day ... we're celebrating 25 years of SELENA!," Lopez tweeted. "Today we celebrate and honor Selena's legacy and music. This movie means so much to me ... Selena and her family mean so much to me, and I was so lucky to be chosen to play her." The post included a video of Lopez rehearsing for the 2020 Super Bowl as she called how much she studied Selena Quintanilla's moves "to the step, to the finger, to the everything." 

In another tweet, Lopez also expressed how lucky she was to be a part of the film. "​​I'll never forget this time in my life, and it's an honor as an artist to have been part of the magic that is this movie," she gushed. Lopez wasn't the only one who loved the role in the film,either . Many fans flocked to the replies to praise the singer for her performance. "YOU DESERVED AND [sic] OSCAR THEN AND YOU DESERVE AN OSCAR NOW!!" one fan raved. "You were born to play this role, no one would do better than you," another social media user chimed in.

Lopez is not the only one who is remembering the 25th anniversary of the movie. According to Fandango, some theaters are re-releasing the film for people to enjoy on the big screen.