Jessica Simpson's Lavish Birthday Party For Birdie Mae Divides Fans

Jessica Simpson has committed herself to being the best mother she can. In fact, motherhood was the impetus for the singer to quit drinking alcohol in 2017. "As a parent, you're a leader and they want to be like you," she revealed in her memoir "Open Book" in 2020 (via Today. "I was at a place where I didn't want to be who I was anymore, and that was a problem."

Then, Simpson and husband Eric Johnson were faced with a whole new set of obstacles when they home-schooled their children during the COVID-19 pandemic. "You have to create different boundaries with your children that you never thought you would have to have," she told Self in 2020. Math and science were not the only subjects the couple taught. "We teach our children morals and values and how to be kind and sincere and genuine," Simpson added.

The mother-of-three always tries to make birthdays a truly special occasion for her children, and shares their parties on Instagram. When her oldest, Maxwell Drew, turned 6 years old in 2018, Simpson threw her an "Over-The-Top" circus-themed party. The youngster sported a purple leotard as if she were a circus performer. In 2020, when Simpson's youngest, Birdie Mae, turned 1, the "Take My Breath Away" artist threw a subdued party. The next year, when Birdie turned 2, Simpson had a special cake and treats made. For Birdie's next birthday, Simpson pulled out all the stops, which caused a mixed reaction from fans.

Why some fans thought Birdie Mae's party was wasteful

When she turned 3 years old, Birdie Mae was treated to an extravagant Barbie-themed party. Jessica Simpson shared a series of snaps from the affair in two Instagram posts on March 22. "Birdie's dream house party was tutu cute! I can't believe our girl is 3," Simpson wrote. The first post featured a snap of the whole family posing with Birdie in front of an elaborate tunnel of pastel-colored balloons. In addition to the jaw-dropping balloon set-up, the pop star had a Barbie-inspired "Birdie's Dream House" staging area constructed. Simpson uploaded another four-photo slide to Instagram, where she posed alongside her daughter who sported a white and pink tutu.

The eye-catching decorations drew the ire of several fans on Instagram. "Seems lavish for a 3 year old IDK," one follower wrote. "Lol must be nice to be rich," another added. One Instagram user thought the set-up was wasteful. "Literally more plastic than I've used in 2022. Oof," they responded. Not all fans disapproved of Simpson's themed celebration, though. "Love it!!! Such good parents!" one fan commented. "We know mama knows how to throw a party!!!!" another raved. One fan believed Birdie's was the best party yet. "Omg Jessica you beat the Kardashians best party theme," they wrote.

In the past, the singer's own sister, Ashlee Simpson, accused her of pampering her kids. "[Maxwell Drew] is definitely spoiled ... You should see her closet!" Ashlee told Us Weekly in 2012 when Maxwell was still a newborn.