The Real Reason Lady Gaga Showed Up Late To The Oscars

Although Lady Gaga is already an Oscar winner for her musical talents, many fans were disappointed when the star did not receive a best actress nomination for her work in "House of Gucci." Gaga supporters thought she was a shoe-in for the nomination, as her method acting skills seemed to make her a worthy candidate. "I really wanted to do a good job and staying in character for me was essential," she told Stephen Colbert about transforming into Patrizia Reggiani by keeping up her Italian accent.

However, Gaga was snubbed for the Oscar nomination despite being recognized by SAG Awards, BAFTAs and Golden Globes, according to the New York Post. "It was a shock and a surprise," Gaga's "House of Gucci" co-star Jared Leto told Variety of her snub. "By the way, she should get an invite to every Oscars, just to have her there."

Already disappointed by her snub, fans were let down when Gaga didn't arrive to the Oscars red carpet to add another iconic fashion moment to her awards show repertoire. While Gaga's absence left fans confused, it turns out the superstar just showed up late to attend another event before the big night.

Lady Gaga had a prior engagement involving Elton John

Making the most of being out of the running for a best actress Oscar, Lady Gaga blew off the red carpet in favor of another event. According to Page Six, Lady Gaga first attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation's 30th annual Academy Awards viewing party, where she was on duty as godmother, hanging out with John's husband and children. Gaga, who had a run-in with Caitlyn Jenner at John's event, clarified she was hitting up the Oscars late, tweeting, "We're cheering everyone on tonight and see you @TheAcademy SOON!"

Although she didn't hit the highest profile red carpet that evening, Gaga didn't fail to make a splash at John's viewing event. "She's like an angel," one fan on Twitter raved about Gaga's elegant look at the music legend's party. Class-act Gaga didn't dwell on her Oscars snub, instead celebrating a team member from "House of Gucci" who did get a nomination, Frederic Aspiras. "Frederic we are all so honored to share in your talent, creativity, and kindness," Gaga wrote on Instagram on March 27, sharing a photo of Aspiras. "Your imagination and discipline is unmatched. You are everyday our winner!"