Reba McEntire's Timeless Look At The Oscars Had Fans Talking

On March 27, celebrities arrived at the Dolby Theatre dressed to the nines for the biggest night in Hollywood, the Oscars. In addition to celebrating the year's best movies, the award show also happens to be a big night for fashion. Celebrities tend to go all out for the Oscars, with statement-making looks, some even withstanding the test of time. After all, who could forget Bjork's iconic swan dress or Angelina Jolie's leg moment in 2012?

This year, Zendaya wowed on the red carpet with her silk crop top and sequin combo. Timothée Chalamet also had Twitter in an uproar over his shirtless sequin blazer look. Besides Zendaya and Chalamet, the star who may have truly stolen the show this year was none other than country music legend Reba McEntire. The 66-year-old singer took to the stage at this year's awards and performed alongside Kevin Jonas and Travis Barker, and fans couldn't get enough of her look or her performance.

Fans were obsessed with Reba McEntire's performance

For this year's Oscars, Reba McEntire arrived at the Dolby Theater in a glamorous emerald gown decked out in sequins. The iconic country singer looked stunning on the red carpet, but when it came time for the actual award show, she had a mid-show costume change. To perform the Oscar-nominated song "Somehow You Do" from the film "Four Good Days," McEntire opted for upswept hair and a black velvet gown. All eyes were on the singer as she graced the stage for her moving performance.

The performance even had McEntire trending on Twitter, no doubt thanks to her incredible vocals and timeless look. Several fans took to social media to point out McEntire's youthful appearance, like one user who tweeted, "Reba McEntire hasn't aged a day since the 90s!" Another agreed and quipped, "For as long as I can remember, Reba McEntire has looked the same. An ageless Queen." Other users simply stressed just how legendary of a performer McEntire is. One fan praised McEntire's performance and wrote, "Reba was phenomenal!!! She is simply the best at what she does." Another added, "I'm so proud to be a fan of [Reba]. She is the ultimate entertainer! She can sing anything and do it proud."