Whatever Happened To David Krumholtz?

If you are a movie and TV fan of a certain age, you are no stranger to David Krumholtz's work. For starters, you surely know him as Michael from "10 Things I Hate About You." Or perhaps you spent multiple seasons watching him as Charlie "Numb3rs." And, of course, he played the beloved snarky elf Bernard in "The Santa Clause." Krumholtz has over 120 acting credits in his filmography, and while he may not be as big a household name as some of his former co-stars, he's maintained a steady, decades-spanning career. 

Some of his career moves have not been without controversy. In 2018, Krumholtz spoke out about how he felt about working with Woody Allen in light of the allegations against the director. In a now-deleted Twitter post (via Vulture), Krumholtz wrote, "I deeply regret working with Woody Allen on 'Wonder Wheel.' It's one of my most heartbreaking mistakes. We can no longer let these men represent us in entertainment, politics, or any other realm. They are beneath real men." 

As for what else David Krumholtz has been up to? Read on to find out.

David Krumholtz is in a Christopher Nolan flick

In February 2022, Christopher Nolan began production on his latest film "Oppenheimer," a biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the scientists behind the A-bomb. David Krumholtz is part of the cast alongside a star-studded cast that includes Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, and Rami Malek, per The Hollywood Reporter. The outlet added that it is unknown what role Krumholtz will be playing in Nolan's film.

"Oppenheimer," which is based on Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin's book "American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy or J. Robert Oppenheimer," is slated to hit theaters on July 21, 2023, according to Deadline. Krumholtz announced the casting to fans when THR dropped the news in February 2022 on his Instagram. He alluded to the film earlier that same day in another Instagram post: "I embark on a new project. A substantial and deeply relevant film. The kismet of it all isn't lost on me either...Extremely humbled. Wildly grateful. Today is a great day."

The many talents of David Krumholtz

Go ahead and add rapping to the list of skills David Krumholtz has in his pocket. As the AV Club reported, using the stage name Beengod Stillgod, Krumholtz has worked with a rap group called Hemogoblin. He started making music under his rap moniker in 2020. Alas, it might've been a short-lived endeavor: Per the rap group's YouTube channel, "God I Suck" and "Hollow Quality" are the only tracks that've been released. After he dropped "God I Suck," the actor wrote on Instagram, "For those that are confused, I have taken to rapping. My band HEMOGOBLIN and I have prepared two juicy singles." 

What's more, Krumholtz has thrown his hat into the professional wrestling ring. In January 2021, the actor showed up on an episode of "WWE Raw" as a bizarro version of superstar wrestler Drew McIntyre. Lest anyone mistake him for the real Drew McIntyre, Krumholtz wrote on Instagram, "You're gosh darn right I was on the @wwe tonight."

David Krumholtz married wife Vanessa Britting in 2010

In May 2010, after getting engaged in July 2008, David Krumholtz and Vanessa Britting got married at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Per People, the groomsmen included Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel in the "Midsummer Night's Dream-inspired celebration." Wedding planner Michelle Rago told the magazine that the couple "wanted a classic Manhattan wedding," before adding, They're a perfect complement to each other. You can tell they're old souls. They have incredible mutual respect and make all decisions as a couple. I predict they'll be married for ever and ever." Evidently, it was an event for the books; Glamour listed Krumholtz and Britting's wedding as one of "the best celebrity weddings of 2010." 

What's more, their relationship could not be more adorable. Krumholtz, who loves sharing his poetry on social media, even wrote a piece about August 30th for his wife's birthday in 2021 who, coincidentally, shares the day with Krumholtz's mother. "Grateful for them both/And the kismet of it all/Every year I'm double tasked/To make sure they have a ball," he wrote. Like most of his poems, this one is rife with humor but it's clear he loves Britting so much.

Vanessa Britting and David Krumholtz have similar interests

David Krumholtz is not the only one in the family with an IMDb page. Wife Vanessa Britting is also an actor, and she has been working since 2004. Her filmography includes appearances in shows like "The Young and the Restless," "Without a Trace," and "Desperate Housewives." In addition to her acting career, Britting has also worked as a real estate agent with Sotheby's out of New Jersey. In her professional biography, she states that she grew to love residential real estate after buying and selling properties with her husband so now she has a career in it.

And what do you know, Krumholtz isn't the only one in the family with a philanthropic side. Per WebMD, when Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen launched a nonprofit for people impacted by Alzheimer's called Hilarity for Charity in 2012, Krumholtz and Britting acted as the hosts of the organization's first event. It's a cause that's close to Britting's heart, as her grandfather had the disease.

David Krumholtz is a 'proud' father of two

The birth of Pemma Mae Krumholtz made David Krumholtz and his wife Vanessa Britting first-time parents in April 2014. Per E! News, David announced the birth in a now-deleted tweet that simply read,"I am a parent." He also posted a photo holding his newborn daughter announcing her name and a sentiment saying she was "the girl of my dreams." He continues to share his darling daughter on social media every once in a while. In October 2021 he celebrated her first Knicks Game on Instagram.

Son Jonas Krumholtz was born in December 2016. David, once again, shared the exciting news on Twitter. According to People, the "The Deuce" alum told followers that his "kids are kid goals."

In September 2021, David posted on Instagram that Jonas had been diagnosed with autism and shared that he is so "proud" to be his father. "He is brilliant and hilarious and special in a thousand different ways," David wrote. "He never ceases to amaze me... Sometimes he demands that I go away and replace myself with another father. It's his emotional tick, but I still give him some options. I show him pictures of other men that I find on Google images. In the end, he always chooses me. And I thank God for that."

He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer

David Krumholtz couldn't have known that booking a massage at an Arizona spa would end up saving his life. In a ten years being cancer-free Instagram post in 2021, Krumholtz reflected on the discovery of his thyroid cancer in 2011. Krumholtz wrote that after masseuse Bethany Gialelis discovered a lump on the front of his neck, he had it checked out. He underwent a thyroidectomy after doctors diagnosed him with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer that had already spread to his lymph nodes, he explained.

"Had Bethany not discovered the lump, I'd have no children, I'd be gone," Krumholtz wrote in the caption. "FOREVER GRATEFUL to @bethanygialelis. Today, I'm 10 years cancer free." He was officially cancer free at the start of 2012. In October of that year, he told Assignment X that the experience inspired him to use his platform to help others. He said, "Plus frankly, after my cancer diagnosis, everything just went into perspective for me, and those kinds of things sort of take you from this place in your life to a whole other place, and the place it took me to was a more compassionate place, and I just thought, 'Oh! Well, I have all these people who listen to me and I might as well try to raise some money.'"

Charity work is important to David Krumholtz

When it comes to giving back, David Krumholtz is no stranger. From helping his buddy (and former groomsman) Seth Rogen out with Hilarity for Charity to even giving what he earned from "Wonder Wheel" to organizations involved in the Time's Up movement, Krumholtz is a big-hearted and generous guy. Per The Hollywood Reporter, after Krumholtz gave $15,000 to Hilarity for Charity, Rogen joked, "He's had a lot to drink, so I just hope this is legally binding."

"A lot of celebrities lend their names to causes, which is great, don't get me wrong. I think a shining example, and the way to motivate others to give, is to do it yourself," he told Access. The interview, which was conducted in November 2012, arrived hot on the heels of Krumholtz's Twitter fundraiser for people impacted by Hurricane Sandy. He informed his followers that "at a set hour, he would take part in a Q&A and for each question he received, he would donate $10 — of his own money — to the Red Cross." He ultimately gave $8,000 to the organization.

"I've raised money for St. Jude and the Alzheimer's Association... [the] National Multiple Sclerosis Society, also a small school for disabled children in New Jersey called PG Chambers School," he told Access. He added that he had raised around $25,000 by that point holding Twitter Q&A segments.

He's in two series based on real people and events

Paradigm signed David Krumholtz in the fall of 2021 and, with that new representation, the actor landed some big gigs. Deadline reported that Krumholtz would be joining stars such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Uma Thurman in "Super Pumped," a Showtime series based on a book of the same name about Uber. Krumholtz was brought on to play Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Deadline also reported that the "Numb3rs" alum had been added to the roster of Peacock's "Angelyne," a limited series based on the real-life reigning billboard queen of Los Angeles. The show features an unrecognizable Emmy Rossum in the titular role.

Regarding playing Angelyne in the scripted series, Rossum told Entertainment Weekly, "I've spent the better part of four years thinking, living, and breathing this project. ... She's as if Marilyn Monroe got into an easy bake oven with a 80s punk Barbie Doll, and a dose of new age spirituality. ... I hope you fall in love with her magic." The show's trailer dropped on March 9, 2022.

David Krumholtz has won some awards

Even though the roles of Bernard or Charlie will likely follow David Krumholtz forever, that isn't to say he hasn't done other amazing cinematic work — some of which has earned him awards. His list of accolades includes winning Best Actor in the Slate Awards for his role in "My Suicidal Sweetheart," sharing Ensemble of the Year for "Bobby" in the Hollywood Film Awards, and taking home Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking: Acting for "My Suicidal Sweetheart" at the Newport Beach Film Festival. He's also scored some nominations, such as Best Actor in a Leading Role, Short Film at the 2021 SoHo International Film Festival for his work in "Class."

In "Class," he portrays an egotistical acting teacher. Chatting with UPI about the role, he shared that he sees acting as something you "can't really teach." Per the outlet, he believes that while there are some acting instructors who have a positive impact on their pupils, there are others who are "like some sort of Svengali" who don't actually help their students grow. "[A]ctors who find themselves improving in their acting classes would have gotten there anyway with experience and/or suffering — life suffering, failure," he told the outlet. "I think that's the best teacher for an actor."

L.A. Theatre Works cast David Krumholtz for stage work

Don't think for a second that David Krumholtz is an actor who can get pigeonholed into a single performance medium. He still graces the stage from time to time with companies like L.A. Theatre Works. After all, he was just a teenager when he made his Broadway debut in "Conversations with my Father" along with heavy hitters like Tony Shaloub and David Margulies.

In November, 2011 Krumholtz performed Michael Frayn's "Copenhagen" alongside Alfred Molina and Jane Kaczmarek for L.A. Theatre Works. The show was even recorded as part of the company's radio theater series, according to TheaterMania. The recording can be purchased at the L.A. Theatre Works website. It's also interesting that Krumholtz did this play because, like "Oppenheimer," it happens to be about the atomic bomb. Per Playbill, "Copenhagen" explores the idea of what the world would have been like if the Nazis figured out the atomic bomb before the Americans.

Why he didn't reprise his role in Santa Clause 3

Anyone who loves Bernard the elf knows that the third "Santa Clause" movie was sorely lacking in the snarky elf department. But David Krumholtz didn't turn down the part without good reason. He opened up to Vulture in December 2021 about why he didn't take up the pointy ears again. "They sent me the script, I had a pretty significant role," he told the outlet. "I would say that the character got devalued a little bit and I couldn't in good conscience do it. The third one, I've tried to watch. It's not the same. I think the first two are really special. The first one's a classic, obviously. It's wild to be part of something that's lasted this long, that plays every single year and has become [a] tradition in people's homes." Thanks for not devaluing our favorite elf, David!

When Disney+ announced that they'd be making a prequel series about "The Santa Clause," Krumholtz sure seemed to have some feelings about the news. According to Comic Book, he took to Instagram and wrote, "THIS IS NOTHING SHORT OF SHOCKING." The outlet added that production is supposed to start in March 2022. Suffice it to say we agree with Comic Book Resources' assertion that the prequel series will be "incomplete" without Krumholtz on the roster.