The Adorable Princess Charlotte Moment You Missed During Prince Philip's Memorial

Princess Charlotte's great-grandfather, Prince Philip, died in April 2021 due to "old age," per The Telegraph, just before his 100th birthday. At the time, the royal family was only able to have a small funeral for Prince Philip because of COVID-19 restrictions. The event took place on April 17, 2021 at Windsor Castle, eventually progressing toward St. George's Chapel. With only 30 guests being allowed to pay their respects to the prince, attendees included Queen Elizabeth herself, sons Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, grandsons Prince Harry and Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, per BBC.

Now that COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted in the U.K., the royals decided to hold a public memorial service for Prince Philip that could include more people who were connected to his life. This includes the late prince's extended family, British political figures, and representatives from the charitable organizations he was a part of. According to BBC, 1,800 people attended the gathering — and this time, William and Kate were able to bring along two of their children.

Princess Charlotte awkwardly smiles after realizing she's on camera

Prince William and Kate Middleton brought surprise guests, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, to their great-grandfather's memorial service at Westminster Abbey. In the history of the royal family, funerals have always been difficult events to navigate because of the public's watchful eye. But before Prince Philip's memorial service, lip readers caught Kate ensuring Charlotte that she did not have to put on a sad face. "You can smile," Kate told the 6-year-old (via the Daily Mail).

And later during the service, Charlotte caught herself on one of the screens that were being used to show the live broadcast of the service. In a video shared to Twitter, you can see Charlotte's eyes dart up to the screen then quickly back to the front of the church. As she realizes she is on camera, she adjusts her posture and gives a slight grimace of embarrassment.

The Twitterverse was quick to comment on Charlotte's awkward moment. "Absolutely precious!!" one fan tweeted. "I think it looks like she had a hiccup and then got a bit embarrassed," another user analyzed, calling her "a sweetheart" in the process.