The Extreme Amount Of Films Bruce Willis Made In The Past Two Years Revealed

Bruce Willis' sudden retirement from acting will sure be felt by the film industry as a whole. The saddening news accompanied the announcement that Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia, per a March 30 Instagram post by ex-wife Demi Moore. As Moore wrote on behalf of the Willis family, the actor's aphasia — a linguistic disorder that "robs you of the ability to communicate" — has affected his cognitive functioning, effectively halting his decades-long career. 

Willis' colleagues expressed nothing but love and gratitude for having worked with the prolific icon. Willis' "Glass" co-star Sarah Paulson took to Willis' daughter Rumer's Instagram post to share, "He was such an incredible acting partner to me, and is the loveliest, most gentle and hilarious man. he reigns supreme in my book." Meanwhile, M. Night Shyamalan, who directed Willis in one of his biggest career highlights, "The Sixth Sense," tweeted that he still looked up to Willis. As Shyamalan wrote, "All my love and respect to my big brother Bruce Willis... He will always be that hero on that poster on my wall as kid." 

The news of Willis' aphasia is even more shocking when one considers just how many films he starred in over the last two years alone.

Bruce Willis showed no signs of slowing down prior to his aphasia diagnosis

Since late 2019, Bruce Willis has churned out a whopping 15 films, most of which were released during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to People, "10 Minutes Gone," "Trauma Center," "Survive the Night," "Hard Kill," "Breach," "Cosmic Sin," "Midnight in the Switchgrass," "Out of Death," "Survive the Game," "Apex," "Deadlock," "Fortress," "American Siege," "Gasoline Alley," and "A Day to Die" were all action flicks that went straight to limited release or on-demand. This feat is even more impressive in light of Willis' aphasia diagnosis, with his IMDb listing another eight films as "completed" or in post-production.

Actor Rob Gough, who worked with Willis on 2021's "American Siege," told People in March that he had "no idea that anything was going on" watching Willis work. "You don't know that he's battling this that condition, he comes alive and, and delivers," the actor shared, noting, "Even though he may not be who he was 10 years ago, it was the small things, he saw things like in 'The Matrix.' Knowing that he's able to perform under what he's going through, it just adds to that iconicness."