The Braxton Family Finds Itself Dealing With More Pain After Traci's Death

Traci Braxton died in March after a year-long battle with esophageal cancer, per Us Weekly. Besides being the third oldest Braxton sibling, she was also a wife and mother and was only 50 years old when she died. Her mother, Evelyn Braxton, told her story the best. She wrote that Traci said, "[M]ommy I'm going to beat this! My healing is right around the bend." She revealed that Traci held on, and "her mind grew stronger." Evelyn shared her pain as a bystander, writing, "I watch the weight drop off. I watched tears streaming down her face as she held onto her faith and her beliefs."

On March 29, Toni Braxton also spoke out for the first time after the loss of her sister. The singer appeared on the "Tamron Hall Show" and revealed that she is still in disbelief about Traci's death. "I wake up every morning and I go, 'Did I dream it? Did I dream it?' and I have to remind myself 'No, she's gone,'" she shared. The "Gotta Move On" singer also revealed that she and Traci shared a special bond. She reflected that they were "more than sisters" and more like "twins." She continued, "We're sisters, so we're always gonna fight, that's what sisters do... but at the end, we're always there." 

And while Traci's family and husband came together during Traci's death, it seems as if the situation has changed. 

The Braxton sisters beef with Traci's husband rears its head

"Braxton Family Value" fans know two things: Kevin Surrat and Traci Braxton were married for a long time, and her sisters sometimes seemed to have beef with him. After all, Surrat was incarcerated twice before marrying their sister. Tamar mentioned it on an episode, and, at one stage, Traci was tired of her sisters insulting her husband. Now, a source told Page Six that Traci's death has sparked tension within the family. 

Apparently, Traci did not want a funeral or wake, and the sisters are furious that Surrat and Traci's manager reportedly went against her wishes and arranged a viewing after her death. On the other hand, Surrat claims that he is complying with Traci's wishes. He said that she "wanted a viewing and one memorial service in conjunction with her management, PR, and other members to come together and celebrate her." He feels that now that Traci has died, her sisters are "treating me like a [deadbeat] husband." Allegedly, the Braxton sisters insist that Traci only wanted them to have a private memorial service for her. So, on April 2, the day Traci would have turned 51, they want to "celebrate her life." Toni told Tamron Hall (via People) that they were going to have a "Traci day."

Whether or not the Braxton sisters' allegations are true, hopefully the Braxton family, including Traci's husband and son, can come together to support each other right now.