Issa Rae Has Fans Cracking Up With Her Response To Pregnancy Rumors

"Insecure" creator and star Issa Rae recently married her longtime boyfriend, Louis Diame, so it's about that time for rumors to start circulating that she's pregnant, of course. A video posted to social media showed the star excitedly greeting her "Insecure" co-star and friend Yvonne Orji while wearing a form-fitting black top. Apparently, some fans who saw the video thought they spotted evidence that Rae was expecting simply by looking at her stomach. 

"Not my other BFF pregnant," one person tweeted. "It's the way she is showing she is pregnant without announcing. Love it," tweeted another. One fan commented, "Our fave is expecting," and another wrote, "our fave is baking," with a series of emoji.  

Well, sorry to disappoint all of Rae's baby-ready fans, but the star's eggo is categorically not preggo, as Rae herself confirmed with her signature hilarious wit in a tweet of her own. (Let this be a warning to everyone tempted to speculate.)

Issa Rae just wants to eat in peace

Seeing the rumors that she was pregnant, Issa Rae wrote in a tweet, "I am not pregnant, f***youverymuch." She added, in case that wasn't quite clear enough, "LET A B**** EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY." Now also feels like a good time to add that, in the video where people suspected she was pregnant, the "Insecure" creator was also holding a flute of what appears to be champagne, which we would assume she would not be doing if she did indeed have a bun in the oven. 

But Rae also had fans on social media who had her back. "NAH IM F****** CRYING. Leave her alone y'all," was one person's quote-tweet on Rae's formal announcement of her non-pregnancy. Another fan wrote, "Y'all. When people drink they get bloated! Most people have their photos edited. Mainstream media has robbed y'all of celebrities looking 'normal' she literally has alcohol in her hand smh."

And because Rae is a true treasure, she also has her friend's backs. Seeing that her not pregnant tweet was getting attention, she took the opportunity to plug her friends' podcast underneath. We stan a fetus-free queen.