Caitlyn Jenner Is Back On TV In A Totally Unexpected Way

Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner has made no secret of her political aspirations. The former athlete is no stranger to politics and even ran a campaign for governor in 2021 during the California recall election. Jenner would lose the election to Governor Gavin Newsom, as the 61.9% of the votes were in Newsom's favor, according to The Sacramento Bee. Meanwhile, Jenner was far less successful, as the former "Celebrity Big Brother" competitor finished far behind Newsom, having secured only about 1% of votes statewide.

Jenner recently revealed to The Washington Post that she planned to continue pursuing a political career, and may even consider another gubernatorial run. "The Republican Party needs to change," Jenner told the publication, adding, "And to be honest with you, I'm the poster child for change."

In the months following the recall election, Jenner stayed relatively quiet about her plans, mentioning only that she planned to remain active in the political world. Now the former "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has finally revealed her plans for the future, and the move may be surprising to some.

Caitlyn Jenner will be a political contributor

Following Caitlyn Jenner's unsuccessful run for governor of California in 2021, the former reality star is joining Fox News as a political contributor. In a statement provided to Variety, the network confirmed the news, and revealed that Jenner's first appearance as a network fixture will be the night of March 31 on Sean Hannity's eponymous show "Hannity."

"Caitlyn's story is an inspiration to us all," said Fox New Media CEO Suzanne Scott. "She is a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ community and her illustrious career spans a variety of fields that will be a tremendous asset for our audience." Jenner said in statement that she is "humbled" by the opportunity to speak to viewers "about a range of issues that are important to the American people."

Jenner has previously made numerous guest appearances on Fox News programs, both before and during her run for governor. The Olympic athlete first made waves when she appeared on a 2017 episode of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," when she claimed it was easier to come out as transgender than it was to come out as a Republican. Firm in her political identity, Caitlyn said during her interview that she hopes to spotlight LGBTQ+ issues as a conservative voter. "There's a lot of issues out there, for our community, that I'm fighting for, and I want the Republican Party to do a better job," she said. Clearly, Jenner has come a long way since her "Keeping Up" days.