The Completely Unexpected Celebrity Chris Pine Got Mistaken For

Actor Chris Pine — definitely at the top of our list of favorite celebrity Chrises — has a new look lately, so we can kind of understand if it makes him a little harder to recognize on the street. The long hair and full beard look is definitely a departure from the clean-cut image you'd recognize from when he played Captain Kirk in "Star Trek," for instance. Even so, we have to admit we were surprised when Pine told Jimmy Kimmel who he was mistaken for at an Oscars party just recently. 

We know we never love it when we get called the wrong name accidentally, and we definitely don't think we would have reacted as quickly (or hilariously) as Pine did when interacting with a confused not-quite-fan. "I was at one [Oscars party] and I was about to go and this guy stopped me and he was I like, 'I know you!' And I was like, 'God, this again,'" Pine began his story. "And he was like, 'Joey Lawrence!'" So, uh, how did he react to the major mix-up?

Chris Pine joked that he was a different Chris

Celebrity Chris scholars such as ourselves know better than to confuse Chris Pine with Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, or Chris Evans, but apparently not everyone is as up on their hot actors named Chris. Pine told Jimmy Kimmel that he told the stranger who thought he was Joey Lawrence, "Not quite," but didn't tell him who he was. "He's like, 'Come on, man! Tell me, who are you?' And I go, 'Chris Evans, Captain America,'" Pine joked. "And just to top it all off, he goes, 'That's my man!'" In fairness, it can be hard to keep track. Pine said that in addition to being mistaken for Pratt and Hemsworth, he's also been misidentified as Ryan Reynolds and even Matt Damon. 

Fans may recall back in 2017 when Pine made a whole song about getting mixed up with the other Hollywood Chrises while performing his opening monologue on "Saturday Night Live." Per Entertainment Weekly, lyrics included, "I'm not that Chris / I look just like him, but I'm not that Chris / Not Pratt or Hemsworth, I'm a different guy / Not Evans either, I'm my own cool vibe." That should clear things up, right?

As for what he's up to lately, Pine was on Kimmel to promote his new movie, a thriller called "The Contractor," per The New York Times, in which he plays a Special Forces Army vet who turns to work as a mercenary in order to pay the bills. We hope nobody gets him confused in that one.