Jen Psaki Is Reportedly Making A Huge Career Change

Jen Psaki is one person who gets just as much attention as President Joe Biden from the press. As the president's White House press secretary, she spends a good portion of her day fielding questions from the media. According to the former champion swimmer, it's not always easy. While on Rob Lowe's "Literally!" podcast (via the Daily Mail), Psaki admitted that it's sometimes hard not to roll her eyes at all of the different questions she has to give an answer to on any given day. She said, "I'm a pretty chill person, I think people who work with me would say. But I think when some of the questions started to be off in cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs land there, I was thinking where are we going here with this?'"

Before joining Biden's staff, Psaki also worked as a spokesperson for Democratic politicians, according to Open Secrets, and served as a former deputy communications director under President Barack Obama, per The New York Times. And now it looks like Psaki is getting ready for another major role in her life — and it's one that's quite different than what she's used to.

Jen Psaki is ready for a major career change

According to CNN, Jen Psaki is going to be in front of the cameras again, but with a different kind of audience. Psaki will be leaving her position at the White House for a new position with MSNBC. While there aren't many details available surrounding her new role, Axios says that Psaki will be making her debut sometime in the spring.

During an interview with The Cut back in January, Psaki opened up about knowing when is the right time to leave a job. She said, "I have always been very open about the fact that I couldn't stay forever, even if I wanted to. What I always tell members of my team is that, if you still have the fire in your belly, stay and figure out what your next challenge is." She continued, "It's really not about what the title is or what the company is. It's about your experience and what you can bring to the job. Be open, basically." That said, it sounds like Psaki is definitely open to beginning this new chapter in her life.