Chelsea Clinton Gets Candid About The Horrible Treatment She Received During Her Father's Presidency

Being the POTUS or FLOTUS is challenging enough — but at least they chose that path. Their kids, however, had no say in it; they just went directly to the White House. Having parents active in the political world gives most children a taste of what it's like to be in the spotlight. However, nothing could ever prepare them for the media glare they're subjected to when their parent becomes the President of the United States.

Thankfully, things have progressed somewhat over the years. That was evident by the scant press coverage of Donald and Melania Trump's son, Barron. Tiffany, Ivana, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump didn't get off so lightly — but that's on them and their lies. Per Newsweek, Barack and Michelle Obama's daughter, Malia, unwittingly found herself in the news crosshairs when she was 19 after video of her smoking surfaced. A later photo of her smoking had some speculating it wasn't nicotine she was inhaling.

George W. and Laura Bush's daughter, Jenna, made for good tabloid fodder after being busted for several alcohol-related violations in quick succession. They were all misdemeanors, including underage drinking and using a fake ID to purchase alcohol in a restaurant, per Today. But, it's safe to say that no presidential child came under as much scrutiny as Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter. Chelsea Clinton has spoken candidly about the horrible treatment she received during her father's presidency — and it was pretty brutal, to say the least.

Chelsea Clinton thought the criticism was 'really disgusting'

According to Biography, Chelsea Clinton was 12 when Bill Clinton became the 42nd President. That's an awkward and difficult age for any child, let alone one who's part of the First Family. Certain media pundits seemed obsessed with critiquing and criticizing the nascent girl's looks. Chelsea told "The View" (via People), that the self-appointed young girl appearance police comprised "all sorts of largely older white men." Well, that's not creepy, not at all, no siree!

"Rush Limbaugh was nasty, the most infamous but not the only," Chelsea said. Thankfully, the mom-of-three shared that she never took the criticism on board. She credited the fact that she'd been raised to have self-respect and a positive body image. "These older men pontificating about how a 12-year-old looks is weird, at best, and really disgusting and cruel and creepy," she said, pointing out that, really, it was "about them" and not her.

Chelsea's like the honey badger, though; she don't care, and she's pretty bada**. She maintains her positive self-image, poise, and sense of humor. During an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Chelsea admitted the scrutiny still continues today. She mentioned an article published that morning criticizing her for "wearing the same shoes a lot." Chelsea just laughed it off, though, and said that, as any female living in Manhattan knows, when you manage to find some shoes that are made for walking, then that's just what you do.