The Celeb Couple Who Rivaled Travis And Kourtney's Signature Butt Grab At The Grammys

It's not just the music making news at the 2022 Grammys! Instead, Hollywood's favorite couples — within the music industry — hit the red carpet showing off some designer outfits and serious affection for one another. And now there's one couple rivaling Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian on the red carpet PDA scale.

With Trevor Noah as the host, it didn't take long for this year's award show to be entertaining! Starting the night off, Noah had to crack a joke at the pandemic, saying luckily everyone at the Grammys tonight were able to do the fun type of shot — not the Moderna and Pfizer shots. But the award show wasn't filled with just talk, and jokes, about the pandemic. There was the obvious talk about the competition between artists for Song of the Year, and of course there was an endless stream of slap jokes throughout the night. But it was one couple in particular who ended up stealing the show by taking the signature red carpet butt grab from Barker and Kardashian and making it all their own.

Addison Rae and Omer Fedi packed on the PDA at the Grammys

While you might have thought the champagne YSL silk dress Addison Rae was wearing to the Grammys would have been all the rage, it was actually the PDA she and boyfriend Omer Fedi packed on the red carpet that caught everyone's attention.

Wearing dark sunglasses and a cropped moto jacket with a crisp collared shirt underneath, Fedi stood as a stark juxtaposition to Rae's dainty and angelic white dress on the carpet. But barely anyone could notice their outfits as more fans were taken aback with the fact the two were snapped sharing an intimate kiss with one another — that looks very similar to the Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian-style of PDA. But the two didn't stop there! After the passionate kiss — which features a lot of tongue — Rae and Fedi turned to the camera to pose. And it didn't take long for Fedi to then do the signature butt grab to remind everyone of his relationship status with Rae.

Sure enough, with all that PDA in a short amount of time, it didn't take long for fans to react to these two either! "Tongue kissing on the red carpet is crazy," one fan wrote. To which many fans agreed, saying the tongue and the butt grab were a bit too much for them. With that, maybe these two will leave it to the pros — a.k.a. Kravis — next time?